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Welcome to my Web site!

Here you will find me and my cars ^_^

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10/14/02 - Sorry about the lack of updates but I have been kind of busy with school, I am pretty sure you guys know what I am talking about. I will try to get some more stuff soon. We get out of school early on Wednesday and then no school until Monday, so I will try to get some racing vids or something like that up :)

10/2/02 - Sorry for the lack of updates, either today or tomorrow my GTZ is goin back to the shop to have the starter replaced, then hopefully soon I will be able to get the wheel bearings replaced

09/30/02 - I am working on making a Beretta video, kind of like the Beretta Dreams video.

09/29/02 - Was having problems with the site, it is now fixed

09/28/02 - I ended up not going to Livingston, but I got a new video (burnout attempt) i think i need to get my ebrake fixed...

09/27/02 - I have already got requests for parts off of the salvage yard Beretta. I might be going to Livingston tonight, if I do I will try to get more pics.

09/26/02 -update- Got some new pics, I think that they are some of the coolest ones I have but that is just me.

09/26/02 - I will try to get some more pics up later today (after school), I got a video of me starting the car and revving it a little on the gallery page

09/25/2002 - Got an acceleration video, I need to clean the injectors, but also got a new pic of my car up and also, some pics of a beretta in a local salvage yard. Just posted another acceleration video, this one is alot faster. There is a pic of me in the gallery! I added Fuel Injector cleaner! Changed the buttons, and overall style of the site. I like it much better now.

09/24/2002- Created This Site!


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Still runs, sitting in the back yard uninsured.
Fast as ever!

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