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Attention! Faith (Miki) bought a domain and has since moved everything to http://frozen-sea.net. Please click here, to go there.

All things come to end, as does this. This shrine to the wonderful Tsukino Usagi, will not be updated any longer. Please don't email me asking to keep it up. Please don't assume I have free time on my hands now and can teach you HTML, as I've already gotten emails like this, and related emails.

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Credits and Thank you's
I want to thank, most of all SailorJupiter244 and Maki because they've helped out a LOT. Ecspecially with explaining how to do things I didn't know how to do. Thank you! You've been the best!
Everyone who's signed the guest book and those who've e-mailed me with suggestions and comments. ^^ Your opinion really helps.

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