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This is Maria, webmistress. I want everyone to know that I LOVE the Backstreet Boys now more than ever, but my life becomes more and more hectic each day. What frightens me is; as the days past, I am seeing fewer and fewer of us, So please email me, sign the guestbook, just show me you Backstreet fans are still out there.
Updated: 8/21/02 - Added a quiz section, changed a few things around...and in case I don't get a chance to update tomorrow...HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOWIE!! =)

Updated: 8/14/02 - Added a news clip + some pictures...not much but we're makin progress =)

OT: September 11 Memorial
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I am in no way associated with the Backstreet Boys, their friends, family, or management. I am just a devout fan making a site dedicated, to the most beloved musical group out there today. "Keeping the pride alive from one chapter to the next!"