A little about myself...

Not that anyone out there even really cares about me or anything, my ego demands that I put up something personal in this section. In my last web page I neglected to do so and my ego took a bad blow. Iím not conceited or anything like that, but I think itís a good idea to know a little bit about the person who took the time to create the web page that you now grace with your presence. So letís start with the basics.

My age:
As of right now I am 18.

Where I was born:
San Jose, CA

Where I live:
Santa Barbara, CA

Favorite places to be:
The beach, San Francisco, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, pretty much anywhere I went on my trip to Europe, Santa Cruz, Biking on Southside Rd., my room, my bed in particular, the back freezer @ Fosterís Freeze on a hot day (yes I used to work in fast food), Lynneís den watching movies, Jackieís house in Las Vegas, Aleaís pool house, La Fondue in Saratoga, La Ferret, on top of Mt. Madonna, any back roads in Hollister that Iíve gotten intentionally lost on with my friends, The Great Mall in San Jose with Michael, DD and Jenny, my dorm room, Jenn's dorm to watch a movie, DP on a good friday night, State St. down by Paseo Nuevo, and finally a nice hot shower.

Favorite Foods:
Pretty much anything Chinese, I love Chinese food, but if I had to pick it would be Mongolian beef, lemon chicken, or Peking duck. Oh and I canít forget about the Dryerís Ice cream Dreameries Coney Island Waffle Cone Crunch. I swear that the ice cream is orgasmic; you could eat it and never want sex again.

Favorite color:
Yellow of course.

Favorite things to do while not in school:
Go to the movies (I do that a lot because there isnít a lot in Hollister.), hang out with my friends, go on mini road trips and adventures, discover new ways to get to Santa Cruz through the unlimited number of old roads between Hollister and SC, draw, paint, write, whatever strikes me as something I want to do.

My pets:
Bedford, my 9 year old golden retriever.
Pumpkin, my sisterís 2 year old orange and white cat.

What I want to do when (more like if) I grow up:
That is a tough decision to make, I still havenít decided yet. Iíll figure something out soon though (hopefully). After all, thatís what college is for.

Top 5 favorite bands:
Tsunami Bomb
Fat Loser Boy

Top 5 favorite movies:
The Matrix
Interview with a Vampire
Steven Kingís The Stand (Great movie to watch when youíre sick)
The Cell
Transformers: The Movie

Freakiest experience ever:
This one time at band campÖ
Actually it was on the San Juan Grade. My friends Chris and Ken were with me and we had been driving around all night trying to find the cross up on the hill in San Juan Bautista. Supposedly if you flash your brights at it, motorcycle ghost are supposed to chase you all the way down the hill. Needless to say we never found the cross and we ended up in Gonzales some how. But as we were driving down the San Juan Grade coming home were talking about the movie Jeepers Creepers and were all becoming slightly paranoid. All of the sudden a truck appears out of no where behind us, so now weíre even more freaked out, but yet we continue the discussion about the movie because it looked like Chris was about to piss in his pants. So the truck follows us for a couple miles and then disappears. So we figure weíre fine now. Then Ken starts talking about how the thing had wings and could fly when all of the sudden this giant thing flies out of no where and dives down in front of my windshield and vanishes. I almost veered off the road on down a cliff face, but I managed to keep control of the car. That is the only time I can remember where I actually came close to peeing my pants.

The people I couldnít get along without:
You know who you are so I wonít bother to name names.

Secret goals and ambitions:
I always wanted to be a race car driver and at some point I want to try out for MTVís the Real World/Road Rules.

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