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Primary Purpose:

To raise awareness about the dangers of HIV/AIDS, Drug, chat, alcohol and tobacco. Ethiopian Youth Development (EYD) is a public charity organization that operates projects and provides support for young people in Ethiopia. If you are looking for a way to give back to the community, our broad-based charitable projects offers you a unique opportunity. We want to make this organization for the people by the people.


The program is focusing to respond to the challenges facing the young generation, because it is mostly young people that are threatened by HIV/AIDS. We work with kids attending school and even if they are not attending schools.

The program also focuses in the physical well being of the youth by working closely  with Ethiopian community. We have very good working relationship with Ethiopian Football Federation, Addis Abeba youth center and independent sport organizations. 


How to achieve our goals?

You know something, we learn a lot from life. One very important fact about life is you will get nothing by doing nothing. We have to value effort and hard work. Most of us like to criticize and be negative in our outlook about life. We are confused and lost. We are human beings and we should not forget where we come from. Therefore to achieve our goals we must work with the home base, working with the schools, with the community, with social organizations, NGOs, private agencies and International organizations i.e. WHO, FAO, UNICIEF, World Bank etc. If we are to be successful we need to work very hard and we need not sleep. If we want to improve our life education is the way to good life. It is a way we wont go wrong. So let us work together with the project, with a good plan and program to follow in order to meet the desired goal. We have to mobilize our material, financial, technical, educational, medical resources. Then we establish youth center. We can relay information from the youth center; educate, coach and raise the young generation mentally and physically healthy.

How to contact us:

Tel (310) 632-7204

Fax (310) 637-9644


Mailing address:
Ethiopian Youth Development
19212 Harlan Avenue
Carson, CA 90746

Ethiopian Youth development program is registered as a non profit organization in California.
You can donate money, the money you give will be tax exempt.

Our bank account in USA
Bank of America account number 24412- 05099

Our bank account in Ethiopia 
Bank of Abyssinia account number 11851


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