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Pregnancy Risks
the added risks of being black and pregnant 
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome 
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  • Month-By-Month
  • Sister-to-Sister Advice 
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  • Exercise
  • Eating Tips
  • Weigh Gain 
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  • Your Beautiful Baby   Newborns & Infants
    Growth Charts
    New charts take into consideration the African-American race
  • SIDS : Increased risk
  • Parent For Life
  • Milestones 
    Love and Happiness are your birthright!
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  • Post-Partum
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    Black Santa Claus Background
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    Featured Products

    Ensuring Inequality: The Structural Transformation of the African-American Family
    Book: $27.50

    Developing Positive Self-Images and Discipline in Black Children
    Book: $8.95

    Black Children : Their Roots, Culture, and Learning Style
    Book: $16.95

    Welcoming Spirit Home : Ancient African Teachings to Celebrate Children and Community
    Book: $12.80

    Note: I searched over 400 books within's African-American section only to find these 4 books related to the subject of the African-American Family as a whole.

    Read this Article before taking our poll:
    What do you think of the CRACK program?
    Great Idea, Help stop babies born addicted to crack, especially black babies!
    Good Idea, I think they are targetting addicts, and research show many addicts are black..
    Neutral, no opinion on the subject.
    Bad Idea, I think they are targetting black addicts.
    Horrible Idea, I think they are trying to stop black babies from being born.

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