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November 2004

Not a lot going on here really. Try my other page perhaps.

August 2003

There's a rant on Tolkien in misc stuff, but it needs rewriting. And there's another version of mdate. You lucky penguins!

August 2002

Oh, there's a new version of mdate. Fancy that.

April 2002

Yay! Finally getting mdate up and running again. Hopefully, it won't take another two years to infiltrate YOUR penguin box :)

In other news, expect a facelift (of sorts) for this page as I've been fiddling with HTML again (oh no!)

February 2002

Started a Harry Potter section. Guestbook seems to be working ok. Fixed a few stylesheet bugs. One day I hope to make this all skinnable so I dont have to constantly rewrite styles.

December 2001

Sorry for the wait. Some stuff of mine is now up on the linux pages. Hope to get more done soon, I hope to be getting some music up. Really ought to have that guestbook happening too...sigh.

July 2001

Yes! The all-singing all-dancing turboboosted penguin page is back here on geocities. Feel my geek rage. All your ice-floes are belong to us! Not much is up yet, just getting the style right. Eventually fun headline stuff from other sites will be fed through, and all sorts of web tomfoolery also.

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