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Rice University, BA in Geology, 1997.
Course Work: Mineralogy, Petrology, Sructural Geology, Historical Geology, Environmental Geology, Sedimentology, Solid Earth Geophysics, Geology and Geophysical Techniques, Computation in Nat. Science, Field Camp at Stephen F. Austin Univ., Physics I & II, Chemistry I & II

University of Georgia, 1992-1993, Fall 1996.
Course Work: Hydrogeology, Environmental Water Quality, Intro to Soil Science, Phys. Geography, Calculus II & III.

University of Waikato, New Zealand, Fall 1995.
Course Work: Aqueous Geochemistry, Intro to Forestry, People and Spaces--Geography and the Urban Environment

Work Experience

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, Volcano National Park, Hawaii. 9/02 - present.
Volunteer in the Geology group mapping new lava flows.

Boston Consulting Group, Atlanta, Georgia. 5/02 - 8/02.
Temporary position in presentation graphics.

Nova Group, Fukuoka, Japan. 9/01 - 2/02.
English teacher.

Accenture, Atlanta, Georgia. 4/99 - 5/01.
Freelance position in graphic design/presentation graphics.

Radio Television Ireland, Dublin, Ireland. 8/98 - 9/98.
Temporary position in Finance Dept.

Mitchell Madison Group (became part of March First), New York, New York. 2/98 - 12/98.
Temporary position in presentation graphics.

Random House, Ballantine Books Division, New York, New York. 6/97 - 2/98.
Administrator of Business Operations in the Finance Dept.

Space Camp, Huntsville, Alabama. 3/97 - 6/97.
Camp counselor.

Winter Park Ski Resort, Winter Park, Colorado. 12/96 - 3/97.
Lift attendant/ski bum.

American Geological Institute, Alexandria, Virginia. 5/96 - 9/96.
Web design intern.