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Where Am I?

Either purposely or intentionally, you have stumbled upon a site that offers a plethora of resources regarding tickling, feet, bondage, and other pleasures. It is a multimedia web site that includes everything from stories, news articles, and photos to video clips, guides I have written, and much more. I share both personal material and outside resources for additional views, information, and media.

Can I go inside?

I prefer that you be at least 18 years of age. The information inside this site is not for children or adults that are narrow-minded and do not wish to expand their knowledge about other areas of life. This site is intended for mature adults that want to know more about tickling, bondage, love, romance, and the related. You will not find any X-rated material on this web site. If you are looking for disgusting, unsightly, and distasteful sexual images, you are really in the wrong place. (lol) If you are at least 18, then you may step inside with an open mind.


This site is currently under a MAJOR revision. A lot of content will be unavailable until it is formatted into the new layout. Since the upload of the frame of the new version, I have been making great progress. However, please note that if it DOES NOT LOAD or YOU DO NOT SEE IT, it is not there. Please don't ask me about where my videos, audio, stories, or pictures are when it is apparent it's not even linked on the site. For example, don't ask me where the pictures of socked feet are if there isn't even a link to pictures of socked feet or mention of pictures featuring socked feet!! (chuckles) In addition, if a page is linked and it loads a Geocities error page, that's because I have yet to upload that page. Just please actually read all the info I provide about actual updates and additions to the site. If you do that, then there will be no questions and you will be in the know. *wink* Thanks again!


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