Introduction -- It is important to realise that information and communication technology will continue to evolve.  There is need to continue experimenting with technological innovations in the classroom.  This website challenges educators to explore the pedagogical potential of online resources and communication media.

Learning Activities

Take a look at some of the work done and facilitated by the Innovations group.

Online Resources

This link will help you to learn about online resources for experimentation with innovations.  You will also find some other resources for further reading and use in the classroom.



You will find in here; discussion forums, newsgroups, and/or mailing lists dedicated to experimenting with innovations.


Meet the members of the innovations group; their biographical data, including personal email addresses.

Group email

Here is the group address for the group ‘Experimenting with Innovations’.



The group ‘Experimenting with Innovations’ is grateful to Dr. Richard W. Burniske of World-Links for providing the web page templates used to develop this page and for all the professional support.

The various links that you will find on this page have owners and user terms.  Before you go ahead to use any in the classroom or otherwise, go through the formalities for each resource.  Register or seek permission for use of the resource.

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