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Welcome to the Exploding Snap RPG. This is the main site for a role-playing game. That means you create or take on a character personality, and type in forums as if it were you speaking. If your looking into being an admin, then please see the Administration page. Also remember to check Board Opportunities. If you're new here, I ask that you check out our boards, and register. Please, read the rules and see the newbie page. Thanks for coming and enjoy yourself!


Renovation is complete. Also see the two new pages Board Opportunities and Administration.

House Points

Gryffindor = 23
Slytherin = 11
Ravenclaw = 20
Hufflepuff = 5


Home- This will bring you back to this page.
About Us- This is a page including slang and what you do in an RPG.
The Boards- This will take you to the boards where the actual RPing takes place.
Rules- This is where you will find the rules of play here. There are rules for the boards and the school rules mentioned in the book.
Newbie Page- This is a page explaining how to create and audition for characters for new members.
Administration- This page describes duties of each five branches of administration and gives their rules and tells you how to apply.
Board Opportunities- This is a description of the different types of groups (the DA, S.P.E.W., etc.) that you can participate in on ESRPG and how to apply.
Quidditch Page- This is the page that explains the way we play Quidditch.
Meet the Administration- This is the page where you can find a little bit about your resident administrators.
Links- Come here to vote for us on different topsites, see affiliates, and link us to your site.
Contact- This is a list of ways to get in touch with Special K or any of the other admins.



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Newbie Page


Board Opportunities

Quidditch Page

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