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About the Layout

This is the first version of this site. I will change the layout a few times in a year, but don't expect every month or so, because it costs a lot of work. :D I hope you like this layout.

What's at the Little Faerie Pets?

The Little Faerie Pets is a site with free backgrounds, guild layouts, welcomes, pictures, hints and help for everyone at Neopets. The webpage is updates and created by xsnowdreamx. That's me. :) I hope everything is clear for you. If not, please read our FAQ. If you still got any questions, feel free to neomail me. :) Have fun!


Those who have stolen any of my stuff that I offer here, without linking back, asking me and claiming that it's theirs will be directly emailed AND put here on the wall of shame. Please do not steal any of my stuff, I worked really hard on it. Also, if you see any site that has stolen anything, please neomail me. Thanks very much!

Everyone, be warned. Some people try to sell my layouts. If you see the littlefaeriepets copyright at the bottom of the layout, it means that layout is mine, so don't buy it then! All layouts can be get here for free!
If you see someone doing this, please let me know so I can report the scammer (and ofcourse, it'd be great if you report them too! :) )


News and Updates
The re-newed site will be opened soon! You can visit it at the moment with the following url: I am also moving these layouts from this site to the new one, and also add a LOT more! :D

- SnowDream

Coming Soon!

- TONS of new Guild Layouts
And much more! But I'll be working on this first.

Contact Me

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, I'd love to hear them! If you have read the faq, you can always neomail me. No email, because neomailing is the fastest way for me to see that I got a message. I check neopets everyday, and sometimes I forget to check my email. If you neomail me, I'll reply your message asap. Neomail me at xsnowdreamx, that's my main accound. :)

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