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Welcome to the picture section. My pages are made so it is easy to find the type of pictures you want ( I hope). All manga and Anime pictures are in the same sections. I have individual and group pictures and also pairs and mixed groups. Pairs with a lot got their own section and the others are clumped together. I hope you find what you are looking for.  Also feel free to comment on  the picture/layout and suggestions are always welcomed  in the guestbook! (which you should sign anyway so I know my work isn't a waste.)
(all pages have thumbnails except Nuriko and half of Tasuki's, so they will take a lot longer to load, sorry for the wait, I will give them proper thumbnails as soon as I have time)

Picture of The Week ~ February 10th, 2004

Suzaku Groups
Suzaku (bird & human)

Seiryuu Groups
*Seiryu (dragon & human)
*Genbu (warriors & god)
*Byakko (warriors and God)
Tasuki & Tamahome
Tamahome & Miaka
Nakago & Tamahome
Pairs and Such
Mix Matched Groups
*Super Deformed Picture
* Means the page is NOT up! 

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