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Random Portland Weather Update for December 27th:
Cold Cold Cold. Did I mention that it's cold?
It's also sprinkling, as per usual this time of year
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Winter Break? whats that?
Well supposedly this is winter break but I wouldn't be able to tell. I am working full time over here at good old Postal Annex and the only days I get off these last few weeks of the year are Christmas, Christmas eve, New Years and New years eve. WooHoo. It's a good job but the hours suck. I work every afternoon till 8pm. Pretty quick here I am going to have school start again, PCC still, and I have just updated my schedule for this term. I am going to try to do better about updating. We will see how that works. Hope everyone had a good Yule.

School Started Again
Well im back at PCC again. Sylvania only though so if you are bored after noon come say hi. Ill post my schedule up here when I have a computer again. Yup you heard that right its busted again. Same problem again, motherboard again. Anyway I will update for real lator just wanted to let everyone know im still alive.

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