Raven's Moon Shrine Home and Dedication
Raven’s Moon Shrine’s Dedication

This Shrine exists to provide a place for people to learn about and participate in Witchcraft, here after called The Craft.

This shrine is dedicated, particularly, but not limited too:

1. Gnosis-Knowledge in all forms; from all sources. With knowledge comes power. Not the sort of power that can be wielded over others, but rather knowledge that provides one with power within themselves and the confidence to be true to themselves. We seek this knowledge from all sources, pagan and not, Correllian and other traditions, religious and secular, magical and scientific. Sofia, Goddess of Gnosis, watches over this study.

2. Dark Mysteries- the study and practice of moon magic, feminine magic, the power of the dark, crone magic, divination, and psychic abilities. We seek to learn more about the power in our own abilities, the mysterious in the world and ‘darker nature in our souls’. Hecate watches over this area of study. 

3. Web of Life- “As above, so below; as the universe, so the soul; as within, so without”, we seek to understand the interconnected nature of the universe. We seek to understand our place within the universe and our own individuality.

We can achieve this in many ways. Some possible ways to do this would be:

a. The environment- By exploring environmental issues, our relationship with the environment, how the economy, politics, and material needs affect it, we see Mother Earth as a whole, and can better understand why changes may be needed to reach global sustainability. We may begin small, within our daily lives and local communities, yet even small seeds can grow into big trees.  

b. Healing- be it energy healing, herbal wisdom, or any other form of healing. We seek to understand better the healing faiths in the world. And work at healing ourselves, our community and world around us.

c. Energy- we seek to better understand the nature of energy in the universe and how it effects us and how we can effect it; for healing, creativity, and creating connections in the world.

d. Personal Creativity- Through personal expression, whatever the medium, we can explore our relationship with the universe, the divine and our place in it.

Brighid, Goddess of the hearth, watches over this area of study.

4. Demystifying Misconceptions and Interfaith Relationships- Pagans and The Craft are greatly misunderstood in the world today. There is a lot of struggle and strife between religions, and on a smaller scale within the pagan community as well. The shrine seeks to help bridge these misunderstandings though personal conduct and education within the pagan community and with of faiths. The Goddess Blodewedd represents the need to challenge misconceptions and the desire to be more than the title’s we are judged by. She watches over this area of study. 

5. Not taking ourselves too seriously- as important and fulfilling as personal grow and study is, all too often we forget to laugh at ourselves and how silly it is to ‘be a witch’. Laughter is always a vital part of any experience and the shrine will always encourage its members to smile, laugh and enjoy their studies and journey with the craft. If we forget and get to serious, the Fae, who watch over this area of study, and truly all areas, will surely remind us by bopping us over the head with our own wands.

The Shrine is dedicated to these above topics, though all its members may choose their own path within these areas, or without. As one of the wee ones in known to say, “One needs ground to stand on, if one’s going to fly away.”

These are but mere guidelines from which we can draw topics of study and conversation. As the shrine evolves so, will our choices and interests.
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