Membership in the Shrine
Before seeking membership:

1. Read,“The Shrine’s Dedication Article”. It is not required that a member follows all of what the Shrine stands for, though it is necessary that members respect what the shrine is dedicated to and has some interest in the topics. As these are the topics we will study in our study group and structure our rituals around (most of the time). 

2. Review, The Patrons of the Shrine. Members do not have to have these Goddesses as their personal patrons, but again respect is required.

3. If you are unfamiliar with the Correllian Nativist Tradition, it is very important that you view their website and gain understanding of what we believe in. One does not have to be affiliated with the Tradition in anyway, but as this will be a shrine connected to the Tradition respect of its faith is vital.

4. Read the Shrines By-Laws (under construction)

5. Answer this question: Am I really a witchypoo or is this just a fad thing cuz my best friend and I tried a spell and we’re pretty sure we made a pencil float just like the chick in “The Craft”?

(Definition of Witchypoo: I am committed to learning and/or practicing The Craft or the occult. I understand what witchcraft is and believe in it. My views may differ greatly from the witch sitting next to me, but I understand that we each walk a different path to the divine.)

If you answer Witchypoo, continue with the membership procedure, if the latter, come back in five years after you’ve read more than just Teen Witch, and have realized that you are not Willow or one of the Charmed Ones. (not to disrespect Teen Witch, it’s a great book, just go read other ones too)

<b>Types of Membership</b>

There are two types of membership- or a combination of both.

Metaphysical Membership is for those who wish to be part of the online discussion group located at yahoo. This is also for members who do not live close enough to come to the Shrine’s physical location in Vancouver BC

Corporeal Membership is for those in the Vancouver BC lower mainland area who wish to get together in person! And meet fairly regularly, either at the shrine, or other locations.

Of course one can be both.


It is understood that everyone has very busy lives and it is often hard to commit a lot of time and energy to something. So, one must decide for themselves level of commitment to the shrine, its studies and work. 

Commitment to the shrine means: Commitment to improving ones education in The Craft; Commitment to be a better person, it what every form that takes for you; and Commitment to Bettering the Pagan community.

Although this is a casual group, membership should not be taken lightly. This is a group for people who are serious in their studies of the Craft and who want to practice regularly, and of course want to meet and have fun with other pagans.

Becoming a member

Step one: read the above material
Step one and a half:decide that you are committed to the Craft and/ or improving your relationship to the Craft though education, ritual and sharing with friends. 
Step two: email Fairmoon with your request to be a member, with a short bio and why you’d like to join and whether you are seeking Metaphysical or Corporeal membership.
Step three: wait… this shouldn’t take long.

Metaphysical Members:
Step four: upon approval join the yahoo group and start chatting

Corporeal Members
Step four: Arrange a time and place to meet with Fairmoon and/or other board members to get to know one another in a casual environment.
Step five: bite at your fingernails waiting to hear back from Fairmoon
Step six: upon approval come to a shrine meeting or ritual, join the yahoo group and jump right on in.

Rules of Membership:

Membership in the Shrine is by the discretion of the board or directors. One may request membership, or one may be asked to join by one who is already a member.

Members can be of any Pagan/Wiccan/Witch Tradition or background. Members do not have to be affiliated with the Correllian Tradition, however as this Shrine is connected to said Tradition and respect of its beliefs is vital.

No person shall be denied membership because of gender, race, ethnic background, sexual orientation, physical handicap, previous religious association, or age (provided that they have attained the age of legal majority). Candidates for membership who have not attained the age of legal majority may be considered for membership only after permission of their parents or guardians has been given. (and it can be proven that you didn’t fake it)

No person shall be refused membership because of their education level within the craft. People who are brand new to the journey of the Craft  will be made welcome, as well as wise Crones who have been practicing their entire lives.

However, the board reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone they feel will not or does not contribute to the Vibe of the Shrine. Or if we think you’re creepy.

The Rules each member must follow

1. Respect for people; this includes, but is not limited to, respect for other members and their beliefs, which may differ; respect for the privacy of each member, phone numbers, addresses and other personal information will not be given out without expressed permission of the individual

2. Respect for the Shrine, both the metaphysical and physical space in which it inhabits. As the shrine is located in a private home, it’s location and address will not be given out without permission of the Shrinekeeper, (that’s Fairmoon by the way), When

3. Respect for faith; this includes, but is not limited to, respect for other pagan faiths as well as their clergy; respect for other world faiths and their clergy.

4. Responsibility; this includes, but is not limited to, being personally responsible for your actions when within in the shrines sacred spaces; and the responsibility to treat the rest of nature as sacred space as well.

5. Live in a manner, which honours the Lord and Lady, following the Wiccan Rede; “Do as you will, but harm none.”

6. Support one another within the Shrine in their personal healing, growth, and aspirations.

7. Honour the Earth and all Her creatures as sacred, and work to heal and protect the environment within our community, throughout our nation, and around the world.

8. These rules can be amended at any time, without notice, or added to, without notice, by members of the board as it becomes necessary.

Any breach of the rules or etiquette listed above will result in suspension of membership privileges in both the Metaphysical and Corporeal shrines, pending a review.

After such review, any further breach will result in expulsion and we’ll tell all our witchy friends you’re a big meanie.
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