Through The Stargate*
Jack’s thoughts on his team after a disastrous mission.
Posted 30-June-03
A Stargate SG1 Gen Fan Fiction Site
A Walk in the Park
Posted 6-June-03
An easy assignment gone wrong gives the team a whole new outlook on getting dirty.
Posted 6-June-03
Who defines what makes something real?
The Evil
Posted 28-June-03
Is the definition of evil formed by actions or intentions?
A Sure Bet
Posted 30-June-03
A bored Colonel is never a good thing!  Bit-O-Fluff
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 Classic Stargate SG1
Classic Stargate SG1
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Fallen and Homecoming done ala rhyme.
Posted 21-Sept-03
'Twas the Night Before Stargate
Seven days in a cabin by a lake.  What could go possibly wrong?
Posted 16-Jan-04
*Originally archived here incomplete - revised Jan 31, 2004
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SG1 spends a day at the fair.  Team bonding ensues.
Posted 11-Feb-04
A Fair to Remember
Sam Carter Webring
Sam Carter Webring
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An anniversary stirs up some sad memories and a new realization.
Posted 17-Sept-04
Naked Rain