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Imagine there is no stubborn . . .

No eyes through yellow glass . . .

Outside home only sky . . .

Imagine all the people, can wear what they like . . . Ah ha haaaaa

You may say I'm a dreamer . . .

But I'm not the only one . . .

I hope some day you will join us . . .

And the world will be for everyone!

BODY POLITIC - Like what some women's organisations fight for - I fight for the right for men to choose what we want to wear!

Hi I'm Lewis, a Chinese male who wear pantyhose (to replace cotton socks), not for fetish. I just consider pantyhose as a practical normal clothing. I also propose men should have the right to wear skirt, dress, high-heels etc. which are classified as 'women's clothing but are at the same time practical clothing for men. I am not talking about cross-dressing, though I have no negative meaning on the term.

I hate the feeling of being underground just because I wear pantyhose. I also do not like to be negatively labeled because of my fashion choice. So I build up this page hoping to promote pantyhose-for-men to public. I believe that with our effort, men will be accepted to wear pantyhose in public very soon.! (In fact, many many years ago men did wear pantyhose and dress-like clothing!)

I am writing here my story and my opinions about men wearing pantyhose. I also propose how we, men, should proceed to advocate to the public to accept that men wear pantyhose is just normal and practical. We also need to correct the wrong perception of the public towards men-in-pantyhose or other typical female clothing.

(Within my cyberspace, the word 'pantyhose' sometimes means a kind of hosiery/panty combined clothing, and sometimes it represents typical female clothing as a general term. I use 'pantyhose' just because I wear pantyhose much.)

If you find difficult to accept the above, I sincerely invite you to see a small presentation first.

We are serious. If you visit my page just to find fetish pantyhose pictures, you must be sad. You'd better go here.


  1. I suggest to explore the functions of clothes first.

  2. Women vs Men - Do they have equal rights? Are the society's definition on 'Men' and 'Women' valid and should not change?

  3. Before we say men-in-pantyhose is/is not OK, let's see the functions of pantyhose first.

  4. Public view on men in 'women clothing' - the wrong perceptions we need to change.

  5. Some facts about pantyhose

  6. After all conceptual things, let me introduce myselfNewly added: My Legs!!

  7. Before you draw any conclusion on 'Men should / should not wear pantyhose', let's see more stories and comments from other people.

  8. I know that you may have queries, see if I can answer them?! There are also some of my replied letters to visitors.

  9. Accept now? So, how can we speed up the trend?
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  10. Visit the Pantyhose Sellers / Manufacturers / Human Right Organisations / Fashion Designer / Prominent People. Tell them what we need!

  11. I have also sent letters to them. There are also some market news.

  12. If, you wear pantyhose, do you find any practical problems? Tips page may help you. 'Wanna to tell your wife but not brave enough? Difficulties to shave your legs? . . .' I also welcome women to give us your tips!

  13. Here are links to my favourite sites.

  14. Want to shop pantyhose on-line, or want to seek some books on pantyhose? I recommend: Amazon

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