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4. ELIZABETH SAUNDERS: Fourth and last child of Thomas Saunders and Jane Saunders.
    Born 1805, Co. Kilkenny, Ire., died 16 Jul 1877, Alice Twp., Renfrew
    Co., Ont. She married Richard Edwards, born 1802, Ire., died 1 Mar
    1888, Alice Twp., Ont. (s/o Thomas Edwards and Sarah Kinch).
    Both buried Renfrew Co., Ont.
    They had 9 children. Sarah, Francis, Deborah, Sophia, Isaac, Jacob,
    Abraham, Elizabeth and Richard.

1. SARAH EDWARDS: Born 1828, Beckwith Twp., Ont.

2. FRANCIS EDWARDS: Born 1829, Beckwith Twp., died Dec 1871.
    On the 13 Feb 1853, he married Elizabeth Kinch, who died Sep   1857.
    They had 2 children. John and Harriet.

    Francis re-married in 1870 to Mary Jane Coburn.
    They had 1 child. Rebecca.

    Francis was found dead in a horse stall. One story is that he was
    kicked in the head by the horse and killed. Another story is that his
    death was caused by foul play, buy never proven.

          (1) JOHN KINCH EDWARDS: Born 8 Dec 1854, Alice Twp., Ont.
               He married Mary McNeil.

          (2) HARRIET "SOPHIA" EDWARDS: Born 13 Sep 1857, Alice
               Twp., died 28 Mar 1927. On the 16 Jun 1878, she married
               James A. Eady, born 17 Feb 1857, died 1 Jun 1936.
               (s/o Robert Eady Jr., and Annie Burwell).
               They had 12 children. Richard, Mary, John, Robert, Sophia,
               George, Margaret, Roland, Alice, Melville and 2 babies.

    Francis re-married Mary Jane Coburn.
    They had 1 child Rebecca.

         (1) REBECCA EDWARDS: Born 21 Mar 1871. She married  George Tunn.


4. SOPHIA EDWARDS: Born 1833. On the 27 Jan 1858, she married Joseph Biggs.

5. ISAAC EDWARDS: Born 2 Jun 1834, died 21 Mar 1915. He married
    Jane Saunders, born 1829, died 1906. (s/o Henry Saunders and
    Sarah Edwards).

6. JACOB EDWARDS: Born 1835, died 25 Aug 1890. He married Susan ?.

7. ABRAHAM EDWARDS: Born 1836. He married Sophia ?.


9. RICHARD EDWARDS: Born 1847 (?). He married Agnes ?.


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