Welcome to the STOP STACKS IN SYDNEY website.

This site has been developed to raise public awareness of the current issue of unfiltered exhaust stacks being proposed in a number of locations around Sydney. We are concerned about the impact on the health of Sydney residents, the local Sydney environment and the aesthetic implications of 20 to 40 metre high chimneys being erected as part of recently proposed road tunnels.

This site deals specifically with three road tunnel projects proposed by the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) which involve the use of unfiltered stacks in their designs for ventilation.

The first of these is the M5 EAST MOTORWAY, involvoing a tunnel linking the M5 at King Georges Road to General Holmes Drive at the Cooks River, with a 25 to 35 metre high exhaust stack in the Turrella Valley.

The second is the proposal of a CROSS CITY TUNNEL between Darling Harbour and Kings Cross, linking the Western and Eastern Distributors, with a planned 39 metre high stack behind IMAX in Darling Harbour.

The third is the LANE COVE TUNNEL proposal connecting the M2 Motorway to the Gore Hill Freeway, with the location of an exhaust stack yet to be decided, either at its eastern or western end.









In their present state, each of the project designs would see emissions from vehicles travelling through the tunnels being concentrated and pumped out through a single stack, to the detriment of surrounding suburbs, and adding significantly to Sydney's already serious pollution problem. The proposed locations of Darling Harbour and the Turrella Valley (the Lane Cove Tunnel stack location is yet to be finalised) are both low ground sites, resulting in the concentrated pollutants being released level with houses and buildings in nearby areas. At present already between 400 and 500 people die prematurely each year in Sydney from the effects of air pollution. The RTA proposals would surely see this figure increase. This is clearly unacceptable, and verges on criminal.

Thus it is from this background that we say FIGHT THE STACKS!

The real cause for action in opposition to the use of these stacks lies in the fact that there are alternatives to their use. The technology exists to filter vehicle emissions in tunnels and is currently in use in similar tunnels overseas. To find out more about this technology as well as general information about the alternatives to these proposals, click here.

We are obviously not the first people to realise the great problem the unfiltered stacks pose as well as the clear alternatives to their use. In fact hundreds of Sydney residents have banded together around this issue, and thus a number of key players and interest groups have emerged. To find out who these are, click here.

To find out more about the history and development of these proposals and the fight against them, click here.

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To view and download a single page pamphlet to print and distribute to family, friends, workmates and neighbours, highlighting the major points around this issue, click here.

To find out who we are and how we tie into this campaign, click here. An explanation of why we approached this campaign the way that we did it can also be viewed here.

This site last updated 16 July 2001