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    Drink & Be Merry;
  1. Jackson Square is my favorite place to hear live music. The impromptu bands and the clacker dancers make for a nice "free" time.
  2. Café du Monde

  3. is right across Decatur. This place is where it is at. I cannot express how much I love this place. Early Morning, late at night - all times in between. It never fails, I almost always see people I know there. One of my requirements of a French Quarter Hotel is its a quick walk to the CDM.
  4. Cat's Meow

  5. This is a Karaoke Bar on the corner of St. Peter & Bourbon. The Emcees really get this place rocking. Forget everything you ever knew about Karaoke, and give this place a try. Q/F
  6. Poppy's

  7. see above
  8. Pat O' Brien's

  9. My friends never tire of this place. They can sit in the piano bar for days. I am not sure if that is something to be proud of. Nor is this; We had so many Hurricane glasses (35) on our table one night, the piano player announced to the crowd that she had never seen as many on one table. Ok there were 7 people in our party, but 5 each is a heck of a lot of Hurricanes.
  10. Napoleon House (big Page)

  11. This bar is the coolest place in the quarter frequented by local writers and some cool tourists. Their Muffs are tied with Progress for #1 in the city. Classical music fills the rooms.
    500 Chartres Street
    New Orleans, La. 70130
  12. Chris Owens' Club

  13. This club has to be experienced to be believed. Miss Owens is a dynamic entertainer, and is a crowd pleaser. Expect to be pulled on stage for some help with the show. When I was there I fell flat on my behind doing the limbo onstage. I LOVE CHRIS OWENS! Some people do not know what to expect from her show. Expect to be entertained. This place is a shrine.
    502 Bourbon St., (504) 523-6400
  14. Old Absinthe House Bar

  15. One of many Pirate Lafitte's alleged former haunts Now a frozen drink bar, but still fun. I get this one confused with the other Absinthe House down the street.

Where I like to Eat Drink and be merry:

  • Mother's I love the Jambalya, others prefer the "debris" Po'Boy. The last time I was in, my college roomate Shawn and I braved torrential rain to get to this place, the minute we got to the hotel. We had no complaints as the line was short.
    401 Poydras
    New Orleans, La. 70130
    orders: (504) 523-9656 fax: (504) 525-7671
  • Gumbo Shop Good food, pleasant staff. Very accommodating, exquisitely restored building. Even their steaks are good. Despite embarrassing myself once there, I still go back every time.
    630 Saint Peter ST
    New Orleans, LA
    PHONE: (504) 525-1846 FAX: (504) 542-0747
  • Acme Oyster House. A former classmate of mine used to run this place, but despite that connection it gets high marks from me and a lot of reviewers. 724 Iberville St. 504-522-5973
  • The Bluebird Uptown, around the block from 3636 St. Charles - this is a fun(ky) breakfast place. Take the street car from the CBD on Sunday sometime, its worth it. Be sure te depart the streetcar at 3636. Try their fortified "Powerhouse eggs". Q/F
  • The French Quarter A&P on St. Peter and Royal. I just love plowing through the aisles of this place for those essentials. Forget toothpaste - No Problem Q/F
  • Progress Grocery or Central Grocery
    923 Decatur Street
    Time Warp! I thought I was living in old times when one of the guys stumbled into these places for cigarettes. Central Grocery Invented the Muffulletta. And my favorite, Progress, exists in cyberspace only. But they still make sandwiches! Although I would not do my every day grocery shopping at Central, its still a cute visit.
  • Poppy's Grill Across from Pat O' Brien's, it is a nice place for a quick breakfast or late night meal. It's Kitschy!! When they aren't too busy they make bloody marys from scratch and they are GOO-OOD. Steal a Menu (actually you can take copies they are up by the counter) Q/F
  • Mr. Gyro I have a soft spot in my heart for this place. I was in need of something to fill my stomach after a heavy day of "refreshments". This place filled the bill. Even Dan enjoyed his Gyro, and he was not empty.
  • Popeye's Chicken. I know they are all over the country now, but for some reason, Popeye's tastes best in Louisiana. I miss my Popeye's Spicy Fried Chicken
  • Copelands another chain but good in the same way. Copland's always reminds me of New Orleans -- even in New Orleans!.
thoughtfull Kevin
  • Hi, I am Kevin,a huge fan of New Orleans that lives in "Kaintock" (an old creole term for Kentucky)
  • During the late 70s, as a teenager, I lived in the New Orleans area. My father worked in the city, and we lived across the lake in Slidell--well actually, in Magnolia Forest, part of the Pearl River school district. I went to Pearl River High School, class of 1981. I add that because I have rediscovered a few of my classmates from this page!
  • I like to return every year. Although not always possible, its a worthwhile goal.
  • One year, my college buddies and I decided to try and have a reunion every year in the Crescent City. We stayed on Canal Street and was ok. But it was much better than previous trips when I stayed in the suburbs.
  • The following year I brought an English friend down there with me. He almost went native. We were all wakened at 3am by his pounding on the door to get in. The strange thing is he was in the room when we got back at Midnight. That year we stayed in the quarter at the Bienville House and planned to return there for the rest of the trips.
  • In December 1996, I was there by myself bookscouting. I still had a great time. Contrary to some speculation, I was not piloting the Bright Field. Although, I had planned on visiting River Walk that day.
  • a few years later, it was just my college roommate Shawn and me, as the rest of the crew was busy with work and babies. Shawn and I managed to have the best time ever. We went to the Chris Owens Club for the first time and had such an excellant time, we will always go back. Written words cannot describe the experience. Part Burlesque, with a drag feel. When this woman retires, I want to attend her farewell show.
  • Questions? Comments? Agree? Disagree? E-Mail me
  • I get excited about my (mostly) annual trips about 4 months prior. This year, I made my hotel reservations 9 mos. in advance. I want a particular hotel. Now with the web, I have information overload on this fine city. I like to try new places, but I also do not like to miss out on my favorites. This is a trend that is difficult to maintain. If I get too many favorites, I will have to stay for a month. Hmmm, maybe I am on to something.

      Places I have stayed:

    1. Bienville House
      320 Decatur Street
      New Orleans
      Louisiana 70130
      Tel: +1 504 529 2345 Fax: +1 504 525 6079
      Reserve a room online at the Bienville House
      It is right on Decatur - I have stayed there for more than three years now. I love its location, its close to 3 different of my favorite destinations, yet far enough away for some feeling of distance. a few steps from the Cafe du Monde, and shopping, yet close enough to Canal and Bourbon streets I feel I am right there. Its staff is always courteous and friendly and does not have the feel of those big Super-size chains, yet retains the quality. and with the SRS Reservation service, its very convenient to book
    2. Lé Meridian

    3. A fine French chain located on Canal Street but the walk from the center of the quarter can be a pain. I've only stayed there once, and would again, only if I have business in the CBD.
    4. On my early return visits, I stayed with friends that still lived there, but now I usually prefer to stay at a hotel that is more convenient to the French Quarter excitement. The Bienville house fits that bill perfectly.

    Places I have yet to go (but want to try):

Consider this my "to do" list. I print my own website out on my visits to remind me what I want to do that is new
  • Adolfo's

  • The Food Authority Zagat's declares this an undiscovered Gem, the locals want to keep that way
    611 Frenchmen St. (Chartres St.)
    (504) 948-3800
  • Port of Call

  • Best Burger in the Nation from citysearch
    OK- just how many places can have "world famous burgers" is beyond me :-)
    Zagat's again concurs however
    838 Esplanade Ave
    at: Dauphine St
    tel: (504) 523-0120
  • St. Charles Tavern

  • Uptown, 1433 St. Charles Ave.(bet. Martin Luther King Blvd. & Thalia St.) New Orleans, LA, 70130-4443 (504) 523-9823
    Let's Go USA says "filled with friendly cops and cabbies
  • The Clover Grill
  • Owned by the Poppy's Grill people this is the original place.
    Voted favorite late night eatery by readers of Gambit 900 Bourbon Street
    New Orleans, LA 70116
    1.504.598.1010 Q/F
  • Cooter Brown's. Another place popular with locals. Outside the French Quarter.
    509 S Carrollton Ave.
  • Lucky Cheng's

  • Asian/Creole cuisine served by Drag Queen Waitresses; There are some more of these across the country. A friend of mine works as a waitress at the one in NYC.
    720 St. Louis St. Q/F
  • Sebastian's Little Garden

  • for brunch
    538 St. Phillip St.

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