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2.)Side Quests


Reactor #1

Get off the train and check the guard's bodies for potions.The first battle is fairly simple and eases you into the gameplay. The two MPs shouldn't be a threat.After you meet up with your teammates and introduce yourself, you'll meet Barret, who will join as an ally.In the room with the security doors, Biggs and Jesse will give you the codes to procede. there is a Phoenix down near the bottom of the screen in a treasure chest. As you move down and past Jesse, get the potion near the ladder. on the botton of the screen(between the entrance to the next screen and the last ladder going up) is a good place to build a few levels early in the game.Use the save point at the next screen and after receiving the "Restore" materia, which you can't use right away, examine the reactor and you will face the Guard Scorpion. The Guard Scorpion has 800 HP and will give up 100 Exp., along with 10 AP and 100 Gil. The trick is to use Bolt, wich will be effective on any robotic monster.Don't attack the scorpion when his tail is up or else he will counterattack with the powerful "Tail Laser". After the boss fight, escape from the reactor the way you came in before the ten minutes runs out.After talking to Aeris,(buy a flower for a short cinema at 7th heaven, it's only one gil)pick up the potion on the next screen you'll be faced with a group of soldiers. You don't have to fight them, but they're not too difficult. after dispatching the guards(or escaping them), you will reunite with the Avalanch team on the train. Talk to everyone on the train and you will arrive in Sector Seven.

Sector 7 Slums

After talking to the townsfolk and doing some shopping, ask Barret to move and enter the bar. There will be a lot of talking in here, and if you bought a flower, you can give it to either Tifa or Marlene.Go to the begginers hall when your'e done, even if you don't need the practice. There are worthwhile items in there("All" Materia,Ether).Make sure to equip the "Restore" Materia you found in the first reactor.You can use the Gil Barret gave you to do some more shopping and rest in the boy's room. when your'e finished, head to the train station.

Reactor #5

Talk to the team on the train and eventually, the security check will run. You can get some good items by talking to the people on the train as you escape.Talk to the hobo in the first car for a Phoenix Down.The guy at the front of the second car will give you a Hi-Potion.In the last car, someone will try and rob you. You can interrogate him to get your stuff back, but if you don't have enough time and you don't want to fight too many enemies in the tunnel,forget about it. If you make it to the last car, you don't have far to walk before you get to the lasers.leave through the hatch and make your way to the save point.The next area is almost Identical to the first reactor, so it shouldn't be too difficult. after the elevator, you will enter the control room, where you must press down all three switches at the same time.A good strategy is to count1..2..3.. and then press O.After exiting through the door, you will encounter the Mayor and his newest creation, the Air Buster.To finish off Air Buster quickly, Limit Breaks on his back will work wonders,but normal attacks and the Bolt Spell will work fairly well, as long as you try and hit his back.The Air buster has 1200HP and will give up a Titan Bangle when beaten.

Meeting Aeris

After the Air Buster battle, you will fall onto the flower bed of Aeris, whom you met earlier after the raid on the first reactor. After a bit of talking, you will have to help Aeris escape from the Turks.the best way to get past these gys is to use the barrels, first the left, then the top-center, then the right.Make your way through the Sector 5 Slums, but don't take the 5 Gil from the boy that is sleeping, you will get a better item later if you leave it alone now. There is an Ether and a "Cover" Materia near Aeris' house.Areis will follow you if your'e not quiet when leavung at night(just don't use the run button). When you get to the Sector 6 Slums, Aeris will join you anyway, and after seeing Tifa on the back of a Chocobo cart, you'll make your'e way into the Wal Market.

Wal Market

There's a lot to cover here, but a lot of stuff is optional and you'll probably only want to do it the second time through the game.After speaking with the townsfolk near the south, you find out that Tifa was taken to Don Corneo's mansion, but he only allows girls to get in. Your'e not going to let Aeris go by herself, so you'll have to dress up as a woman.to get in, all you need is a dress and a wig, but there is much more items you can use to make yourself more appealing to the don.First, go to the dress shop. With no luck there, go to the tavern and talk the Tailer into making you a dress.For the silk dress, which is the best one, choose something that is "clean or soft" and something that "shimmers".after obtaining the dress, go to the gym to get a wig.Use the [],X,O buttons to beat big bro in a squatting contest.If you win, you get a blond wig,but if you don't, you get the plain wig(you don't want that if you want to please the don.Now you can either go to the dress shop and dress up to go to the don's mansion, or spend some more time altering your appearance.talk to the guy in the bar that has to pee,then talk to the lady in the bathroom.go to the local restaurant and get a pharmacy coupon, which you should use at the pharmacy to get the digestive.give the lady the digestive, and you'll receive the Sexy Cologne.At the Materia shop, the owner will ask you to spend the night at the inn.In the middle of the night, you will wake up and go to the vending machine. Buy the item for 200 Gil and return it to the shopkeeper at the Materia store to get a Diamond Tiara.Get the Members card from the guy pacing back and forth at the south of the town to get into the honeybee inn.if you choose the Group room, you'll get the Bikini breifs, and you'll get the Lingirie if you choose the &$#% room. either one will help win over the don's affection.Now go to the dress shop to get ready, and head to the don's mansion.After doing a bit of running around, you'll end up in the don's room.There is a "Hyper" behind his bed.After getting all the info out of him, he'll send you down a trapdoor going into the sewer system.

The Seweres, Train Graveyard, and Pillar.

You'll face a boss as soon as you recover from the fall, but he's not too difficult.The creature's name is Aps and he has 1800HP.He has a weakness to fire which you should exploit.Aps' Tsunami attack will take of a hefty amount of damage on everyone (including himself) so heal often.make sure you pick up the "Steal" Materia and make your way into the Train Graveyard.There are some minor items in the graveyard which you can get by exploring all the barrels and train cars.you can steal a striking staff from Eligors, who are rare but are worth fighting if you can find one.get into the first train engine to push the boxcar, creating a path to Sector 7.Climb the pillar to the top after saving, and meet Reno for the second time. This time you'll fight him.attack the pyramid that encases your party with a weaker character to make it dissapear. Ice and Fire work well against Reno and he only has about 2000HP before he bails.After escaping, get the "Sense" Materia in the playground and go back to the house of the boy with the 5 Gil. If you didn't take it earlier, he will give you a Turbo-Ether.Go back to the Wal Market, and check out the wire near the top, but don't ascend it yet.Buy some Batteries from the weapons shop and make your way up to the Shinra building using them.

Shinra Headquarters

From here, you can either fight your way in, which would be a good choice if your'e levels are low, or, if your'e patient take the stairs up.If you choose "I'm taking the stairs, youv'e got nine sets to climb up.If you choose "I'm going in the front", You'll have a few fights ahead. Enter the building and take down the Gernade Combatants, and don't forget to take a look at the Turtle's paradise flyer at the back of the room. You'll encounter a few enemies when you use the elevator,and once you get the keycard, you should make your way to the 60th floor.Go into the room on your left, and use the statues for cover. Make sure you know the timing of the guards and run to the next statue as soon as the guards move.After getting across with Cloud, you'll have to do the same thing with Tifa and Barret.On the 61st floor, find a man near the stairs and answer the questions in a calm manner to recieve the 62nd floor keycard. On the 62nd floor, Talk to Mayor Domino and play his game. Don't bother buying any hints. If you get the password on your first guess, you recieve the "Elemental" Materia. The basic rules of the game are that there are libraries each covering a different section of Shinra Inc.You must inspect each file in each room.The names of the libraries are on plaques beside there doors.There is one misplaced file in each library (It belongs in another library because of the topic.)Ther is a number at the beggining of each file's name.You have to match the number with the letter's in the file's name.For instance, if the file starts with a two, check the second letter. You must find all the misplaced files and get the four letters of the password. Unscramble them and you'll get your prize. On the 63rd floor, all you can do is use the three security doors to gain items. the trick is to open the door on the top right, then the door on the far left of the row right before the top, then the door on the right of the second room from the left, or, 1, 2, 3.

Use the ducts and redeem all your coupons (You should find three). On the 64th floor, you can rest and save your game. On the 65th floor, There will be a large model of Midgar. You have to take the peices of the model from the treasure boxes int the room, one at a time, bringing them back to the center individually.Ther is a bottom left room, a middle left room, a top right room, and the room with the esculator.first get the bottom box in the middle left room, then the only box in the bottom left room,continue this routine until the box with the keycard opens to grant you acess to floor 66. On the 66th floor, go into the bathroom, wich is on the top-right of the screen, and choose the "Climb up" option. You will hear a lot about Shinra's plans, and when the sequence is over, leave the bathroom and follow the scientist, Hojo, out and on towards the 67th floor. Look inside the tank with Jenova in it and Cloud will begin to have spasms. When he recovers, grab the "Poison" Materia, Save it, and try to fight a Moth Slasher. You can steal Carbon Bangles from these guys. On the 68th floor, You will help Aeris escape And Red XIII will join your party. You will now fight a boss, Sample:HO512 ans Sample:HO512-opt.It's not a hard fight as long as you remember to concentrate your attacks on the main boss (The others will die with it). The Boss is immune to poison, but characters that don't have a long range weapon should use other spells such as fire , ice, and bolt against the creature. After getting the "Enemy Skill" Materia, confront the lab assistant on the catwalk to get the kaycard. Get in the elevator and you'll be stopped by Tseng and Rude, who will take you to President Shinra.

Escape From Shinra H.Q.

Talk to all the other characters in the prison and then go to sleep. When you wake up, the door will be open.After checking the knocked out guard, wake up Tifa and get the cell key.After the party is regrouped, follow the trail of blood to the president's room.You will find President Shinra dead, and the new president,Rufus arrives in a helicopter.Evenly distribute your Materia. Give Red a Fire, Ice, Bolt, or a Bio, Give Aeris A Lightning and a Restore,And go to the elevator, where you will face off against the Heli Gunner and Hundred Gunner. Only magic and Barret's gun can damage the boss. Lightnign works well, (and Aeris should have it equipped). She should also heal your party's HP when low. When the battle is over, Give Cloud the Restore, All, and Bolt Materia (Make sure Lightning and All are junctioned together. You will now Fight Rufus.First, kill Rufus' dog/cat/beast type thingy, this way, he can't heal Rufus later. the fight should be over quickly and when your'e done your'e rewarded with a Protect vest. Meet the party in the lobby and you will start a unique mini-game. You'll have to stay close to the truck to avoid the party taking too much damage. This isn't hard and doesn't last that long, but you'll face a fairly tough boss once you get to the end of the line. The Motor Ball has 2600 HP and back attacks you as soon as you enter the fight. Lightning works well against him, and you'll also need a healer who can cast cure on the party. You should typically keep your HP above 250, since Motor Ball's Rolling Fire Attack can take off about that much on all party members. You get a Star Pendant for winning. That's it for Midgar. Once your on the world map, spend some time building levels and then head to Kalm,Just Northeast of Midgar.


Go into the Inn once you enter Kalm. Cloud will tell a story that will be interspersed with small sequences you control. None of these pose any challenge and there could be some heavy spoilers here so I won't go too indepth.Once you get to Nibleheim , go to Tifa's house. In her room, check the dresser to get a pair of orthopedic underwear, then go to the Piano and play : Do-Re-Mi-Ti-La Do-Re-Mi-So-Fa-Do-Re-Do.After searching the rest of the town, head to Cloud's house and rest. When you wake up, You'll be taken to the Mako Reactor.I won't tell you anything about Cloud's story from here on in because it can get pretty cool. After Cloud is finished, get the PHS (Wich will allow you to switch party members) downstairs, then you can explore the town.There's lots of shops you can visit and plenty of townsfolk to talk to.

Chocobo Farm

After leaving Kalm, head to the Chocobo farm. Talk to the chocobo nearest to the fence and you'll receive your'e first Summon Materia, "Choco/Mog".You'll have to talk to Choco Billy to find out how to cross over to the mines.

You'll have to get past the Midgar Zolom

In the barn, Choco Billy will sell you the "Chocobo Lure" Materia.Make sure you equip it.This Materia will let you catch a Chocobo. Buy some greens, too, as they will keep the chocobo occupied in battle.Now, exit the farm and find some chocobo tracks. Walk around in the tracks until you encounter a Chocobo. Immediatley feed him some greens (from the Item command) and kill all the enemies (Make sure you don't hit the chocobo). If you succesfully beat all the enemies and the chocobo hasn't run away, you can use him for transportation across the marsh.This is the only way you'll get past the Midgar Zolom without fighting (and losing).

As it stands right now, you probably won't have a chance against the Midgar Zolom

Across The Marshes

With A chocobo, Getting past the Midgar Zolom shouldn't be any problem.Once you get to the other side, you'll see what Sephiroth has made of a Zolom. Not nice.You can pick up a Tent, Ether, Elixer, Hi-Potion, Mind Source, and a "Long Range"Materia in the Mines.None are too hard to find as long as you use the vines to climb up and down.After an encounter with the Turks, you'll exit the mines.Outside, You can go to Fort Condor, but there's nothing you have to there... yet.You might want to rest and stock up on items.

Junon Beach

Junon is bordering the Ocean on the underside of a small ledge.Make sure somebody is equipped with the Choco/Mog Materia (Preferably not Barret since he has a long range weapon by default) and somebody else with the long range Materia (Again, It shouldn't be Barret). Go to the beach near the south of the town And you'll Encounter Bottomswell.You can only hit the boss with Long Range attacks.When Bottomswell encases a party member in a Bubble, you can break it with a weak magic attack.Make sure you HP is above 100-150 because Bottomswell's final attack is fairly powerful.After the boss, you will face a simple mini-game.Remember to fill up your lungs completley before you try to give Priscilla CPR.After a bit, Priscilla will regain consiousnous and you'll be taken to an old woman's house in town. Spend the night at her house and when you wake up,visit Priscilla to get the "Shiva" Summon Materia.

Shiva is a powerful Summon

You'll have to use Pricsilla's dolphin friend to proceed. stand near the middle of the bar and experiment to find out where you should use the whistle to call the dolphin.


When you arrive at the airport, walk west to the lift and use it to go down a floor.Follow the guard into the locker room and get dressed.You will now have to perform in the parade. the trick is to find a certain rythm. You will have to walk in step with the other soldiers and also raise and hoist your gun. You don't have to do well here, but you'll be awarded with 5000 Gil if the T.V. ratings were higher than 50%.For 40-49%, you'll get 6 Ethers, and for30-39%, you'll get 6 Potions. even if you do terrible, you still get a grenade.After this, you'll practice your routine for the commander, but no prizes are awarded here.There are a lot of shops in Junon, and there's an "Enemy Skill" Materia in the Inn, wich is kind of like the Begginer's Hall from Sector 7.Once you make it to the dock, you'll engage in a mini-game wich consists of following the commander's orders to please Rufus.Depending on the President's mood gauge, you'll get different Items.For 100 or higher, you get a sword for Cloud, the Force Stealer. For 60-90, You'll get a "HP Plus" Materia. And even if you fail Miserably, you'll still get a pair of Silver Glasses.You'll want to get on the boat to search for Sephiroth.

Shinra Ship

The team will give you several items when you speak to them. They'll be dressed as sailors and Shinra guards.After talking to everyone, go to the front of the boat and you'll find Barret spying on Rufus and HeideggerPrepare for a boss fight after the alarm sounds and go to the cargo hold to face Jenova-Birth.If you have the Enemy Skill flamethrower, it is effective against Jenova.Summons like Choco and Shiva also do a fair bit of damage. You get a White Cape for winning, which will Nullify all Status changing Spells (You can't be poisoned, stoned, slowed, etc...).Grab the Ifrit Summon Materia when your done and go back to the ship's deck.

Ifrit will probably be your most powerful Summon thus far

Costa Del Sol

There isn't anything important to do here, but there are some abstract things you can do for fun. You can buy President Shinra's Villa for the rather high price of 300,000 Gil. there are some Items in his basement, but you can just take those anyways.You can play soccer with the kids outside and even try and nail red for fun.Shop around town and make sure to stock up on Softs. Enemies in the next area will cast stone a lot. when your'e done, make your way to the far right were Hojo will be chilln' with some ladies. talk to him and he'll tell you to head to Mt. Corel.


Mt.Corel can be found at the end of a winding path that goes through the nearby mountains.Pass through the reactor once your'e off the world map and carefully walk past the old railroad tracks. There are some areas here were you can fall through the tracks.If you fall through, hold down either left or right and keep tapping the action button (the default should be Circle).You can get a star pendant if you fall right, or a Wizard staff if you fall left.Take the upper path over the water and you'll reach the controls that raise the bridge.You can swipe 10 Phoenix Downs if you climb the wall near the controls and find the Cokatolis' nest.Go back the way you came and find a cave where you can pick up a Tent, a Mind Source, and a Power Source.Follow the tracks until you reach North Corel.Shop around and talk to everyone in North Corel, then go to the ropeway station on the left. Barret will tell a story about his past in this town and then you'll be on your way to the Gold Saucer.

The Gold Saucer

You'll have to pay to get into the gold saucer. you can pay 3000 Gil for a one time pass, but, if you have the money and you plan on doing later side-quests such as breeding and racing chocobos, you might want to invest in a 30,000 Gil lifetime pass.There is a save point at the front , but you will need five GP (Which you can win from events inside the gold saucer, or trade for Gil from a man that occasionally shows up at the front near the save point)to use it. The Gold Saucer can at first be a little overwhelming, but you'll figure out the architecture after repeated visits and there isn't much to do here now.Pick a member to join you and start to explore.As first order of business, visit Dio at the speed square. He talks about a man with a black cape.Next go to Wonder Square where you'll recruit Cait Sith.

He's the big white cat type thing.Next stop is the battle square, where the team will be framed for murder.

Corel Prison

Follow Barret to a small house at the bottom of the prison.He'll tell you a story about a friend of his named Dyne.Go back to where you came in from and head east through the gate.Barret will now face off against Dyne.Keep Barret's HP in the Low 300s or higher.Dyne only has 1200 HP so the fight shouldn't last too long. He'll hit you a lot, bringing up your'e limit which should be used quickly.When tha battle is over,Take the pendant Dyne gives you to Mr. Coates and he'll give you the oppurtunity to leave the prison... after a chocobo race. Meet Ester and pick up the Ramuh Materia in the jockey's room.Make sure you hold L1 and R1 to keep your chocobo's stamina up and sprint near the end (at the start of the outer space area).After you win the race, you can take Mr. Coates buggy across the desert.


Gongaga is the pile of garbag on the world map. You can't miss it.Rude and Reno will find you when your'e walking up to Gongaga village and fight you.Have armour that defends against Fire equipped, and use the Materia combination "Elemental - Fire"Rude will heal himself and Reno, so kill him first.There is a "Titan" Summon Materia in the Reactor after the fight on the first path.Gongaga Village is reached from the second path.Talk to everyone in town and then use your'e buggy to get to Cosmo Canyon through the maze of cliffs on the world map.

Cosmo Canyon

The buggy will bust up when you get close to Cosmo Canyon.Talk to the construction worker in the center of the town and he'll tell you he'll fix your'e buggy. Follow Red (or Nanaki) up the long stairs leading to Bugenhagen's house.Enter Bugenhagen's lab and you'll learn a lot about your objective in the game.After Bugenhagen's speech, go the the fire in the middle of town and talk to the whole party. When you talk to Red, Bugenhagen will escort you to the Gi cave.

Gi Cave

Have a lot of Phoenix Downs when you go into the Gi Cave since a lot of enemies will cast death on your party.Break all the rocks for experience and a secret path.In the next area, go down the stairs to get some items but make sure you don't slip on the gooey liquid on the floor that will make you slide.When you come to a series of caves, go into the second one and examine the face on the wall.This is a reeeeaaaallly easy fight. Just give the Gi Nattack a Phoenix Down and he'll be dead (Or is that Alive?).Pick up the "Gravity" Materia on your way out and watch the sequence where Red makes a discovery.


You can find Cloud's hometown in the northern mountains.Talk to everyone, especially the guys with the black capes who will give up items.Go to Tifa's house and on the Piano, play the song that you played in the flashback at Kalm (Do-Re-Mi-Ti-La Do-Re-Mi-So-Fa-Do-Re-Do).The main point of being here is to go back to the Shinra Mansion.

There is a Safe upstairs, but before opening it, save your game.There's a pretty long sequence of events to go through to get the code for the safe, or you can just read it here: Right 36, Left 10, Right 59, Right 97.You have to stop at the exact numbers. You CANNOT pass them.When the safe is open, you'll fight the Lost Number. Use Aeris' Seal Evil Limit Break. Use Magic on the Purple side and Physical Attacks on the Red side.Choco/Mog can also be used to paralyze him sometimes if Aeris is unexperienced or if he recovers before you can kill him. For winning, you get the Basement key, The Cosmo Memory (Red's Lvl.4 Limit), and The "Odin" Summon Materia.Make your way to the basement as you did in the flashback at Kalm and open the coffin that houses Vincent. talk to him until he won't open his coffin any more and Go into the library, where you will encounter Sephiroth.He'll throw a "Destruct" materia at you, which you can equip later.As you leave to go back to Nibleheim, Vincnet will join your party.


On the other side of Nibleheim is Mt. Nibel.

There are several items you can collect by going down different chutes after the bridge, but if you want to simply move on, go down the first chute.If you run into a dragon, try and steal a Gold Armlet form them.Save it and examine the large bug-type creature to fight the Materia Keeper. The Materia Keeper has 8400HP and absorbs Fire.You can learn the useful "Trine" Enemy Skill from it, but it will take off 500 on all your party members when he uses it, so keep your Hp high.Any second generation Magic will work well (Except fire).Bolt 2 works slightly worse than Ice 2.Make sure you can heal your party after The Materia Keeper casts Trine and hit him hard when his HP is low so he doesn't use Cure2.You receive a Jem Ring and a "Counter-Attack"Materia for taking the Materia Keeper down.

Cid and the Tiny Bronco

Follow the mountains from Mt. Nibel to reach a small town with a Rocket leaning out the middle.Keep talking to the Old man looking at the rocket to get a Yoshiyuki. After shopping,go to Cid's house (The farthest to the right) and look in the backyard for him.After speaking with Shera, head to the rocket (far north of town) and climb all the way up.Talk to Cid and then go back to his house.Talk to Shira and then go out back to fight the joke of a boss that calls himself Palmer.Try and paralyze him with Seal Evil or Choco/Mog and cast Haste on your main attackers. Pummel Palmer with all youv'e got until he falls for good.You'll now have the Tiny Bronco to use for transportation.You can now either go to Wutai, where the secret character Yuffie has a small side-quest that will net you the "Leviathin" Materia by finding her all over the town (Talk to Godo until she appears,appears after you open the treasure chest in the item shop, behind the screen in the house near the town's entrance, the jar in front of Turtle's paradise) Then use the gate at the north of town after Yuffie traps you at her house and you'll fight a series of boss fights, or you can simply proceed with the normal game.

The Keystone

First, go to the weapon seller east of Gongaga in the singular house.He will tell you he sold the keystone to Dio,head to the Battle arena and go see Dio in his showroom.Dio will give you the keystone if you participate in a few battles. It doesn't matter how far you make it, he'll give you the keystone no matter what.When you find out the tram is broken, go to the ghost hotel and spend the night.Aeris (Or Tifa, or even Barret) will show up in the middle of the night and ask for a date. When the date reaches the gondola ride's end, You'll run into Cait Sith and go on a mad chase around the Gold Saucer trying to find him again.When you finally catch him, he'll join you for good and you'll have to go east through the sea to the Temple Of The Ancients, which is a large pyramid type building surrounded by forests.

The Temple Of The Ancients

Climb the stairs and a man in a black cape will tell you about the Black Materia.Tseng has been killed and is lying on the floor inside the Temple.In the maze room, remember that you can climb the vines.Follow the man in the purple cape. He'll let you rest when you catch up to him.When you have to pass the boulders, remember to time it so that the boulders pass over you with the hollow part rolling so no damage is done when your'e hit.You can wait at the side if you don't see a clear oppurtunity to run under the next boulder.A flashback in the pool in the middle of the room will give you some insight on Tseng's death.In the clock room, there are twelve doors.Their contents are as follows.

I - A battle with a Jemnezmy and two Toxic Frogs

II - A dead end

III - A battle with two EightEyes.

IV - A Princess Guard item

V - A Ribbon item

VI - The door maze

VII - A Trumpet Shell Item

VIII - A Megaelixer

IX - A dead end

X - The Rolling boulder room you just exited.

XI - A dead end

XII - The exit

You must use the hands and form a bridge to where you want to go from your current position.The Circle button Speeds up the hands three spaces.The Triangle Button moves it slowly one space (If this is wrong, sorry, but I'm doing this from memory).If the second hand hits you, you'll be knocked the bottom where you'll have to fight, but for winning, you receive the powerful Nail Bat.In the door maze room, you have to chase down the purple cape guy. He doesn't have a set path, but whatever door you enter, he exits another one. All the doors are connected so you have to figure out the pattern.Pressing Circle will make you jump down a level in certain areas.Refer to the map below.

The number in green is the number that will be blue on the door he will exit.After catching him, rest and save it, then prepare to fight the Red Dragon. Bio 2 will sometimes poison the Red Dragon and Ice spells work well against him.Regen should be used as soon as possible, and remember, Demi won't work on him.He will perish after 6800 HP.After the fight, collect the "Bahamut" Summon Materia and head to room XII for another boss fight (You might want to save it in the door maze room first, this boss can be pretty tough).The next Boss, The Demon Gate, will cast many hard hitting spells very quickly, so cast slow on him and haste on your party.Barrier also helps when cast on the party. Softs will be needed to heal against the Petrify Eye.Don't use Poison, Earth, or Gravity spells on the Demon Gate. None are effective at all. Aeris' Seal Evil and Healing Wind Limit Breaks will help. the Demon gate has 10000 HP.After the sequence following the boss fight, you'll wake up in Gongaga Village. the Tiny Bronco awaits you outside.

The Bone Village

Take the Tiny Bronco to the southern tip of the northern continent,where you will find the Bone Village.You have to dig for the Lunar Harp berfore you enter the sleeping forest.Place the workers in a circle around the blue spot on the map. Dig in the point where all the workers are pointing.

If you picked the right area to dig, you'll get the Lunar Harp in the morning.Head into the Sleeping forest.Chase down the red ball floating around. It's actually a "Kjata" Summon Materia.Equip Cloud with the Water ring that you find behind the big log in the second area.Follow the path on the world map to the City of the Ancients.

The City of the Ancients

Go down the left path first and grab the Magic source and Aurora Armlet.You can also save and rest here.When you rest, an event takes place, so go to the right path before you rest. Down the right path, get the Guard Source, Elixer, and the "Enemy Skill" Materia.Once youv'e gotten all the items, rest in the house in the left path and during the event, make your way to the middle path.Get the "Comet" Materia in the shell shaped house.I won't spoil the next part for you, but rather just move right on to the battle with Jenova-Life.Make sure you have the Water Ring Eqquipped on a strong character. Use Quake spells and Physical attacks.Make sure you learn the "Aqualung" Enemy skill.

Corral Valley

Leave the way Sephiroth did and go through the shell type structure.Make your way around the cracks in the walls and you'll eventually get to the world map.Follow the mountains west until you reach the Icicle Inn.

Icicle Inn

As you try and leave through the northern exit, a man will stop you. Tell him your'e leaving and Elena will show up.Use left or right on the D-Pad to dodge her punch.If she hits you, it's no big deal, just exit the house you wake up in.Go to Mr. Holzoff's house (farthest to the right) and take the map off the wall.Go to the house in the center and ask the child living there if you can borrow his snowboard.With these two items, you can make your way down the mountain.This is a fun mini-game.there are a lot of branching paths and your goal is to pop as many balloons as possible before you reach the bottom for a high score.You should take the left path, then the right path to properly get to Great Glacier.This is a VERY LARGE area that is fairly difficult to navigate, but your main objective is to reach the red check-mark on the map (Use square).Even if you pass out from the cold, You'll still get to Mr. Holzoff's house at the base of the cliffs.

Gaea Cliffs

After you leave Mr.Holzoff's house, you begin to climb the Gaea Cliffs. When climbing, you'll have to use the Square button to keep warm.If your temperature falls below 26, you'll go back to the base of the mountain. Stop at all the flags and bring your temperature up.Once you get to the cave, go left after the first door and follow the trail to another cliff where you should push a boulder off the edge. Now go back to the branching path and go the other way.In the following cave, go right and fight all the battles that occur as you walk under the icicles. Focus on the icicle in battle and jump down to the bottom level when all the icicles are smashed.Go into the next cave, save it, and restore your status at the pool so you are prepared to fight Schizo.the left head is Ice based and the right head is Fire based.Use Regen and MBarrier on your party when you begin battle.Keep your HP over 1000. Hit the left head with Fire3 and the right head with Ice3.Continue climbing after the fight and you'll get to the top of the mountain.


Check all the black hooded men for items, grab the "Neo-Bahamut" Materia and wait until the wind dies down before you cross. You will find Sephiroth and fight Jenova-Death. Jenova only has 25000 HP this time. Cast slow and Regen and equip youself to defend against fire spells.The next area contains some FMVs and in game cinemas I won't spoil.

The Execution

When you awake, you'll find out that Sephiroth has summoned Meteor and that you and Barret will be publicly executed by gas. you will now be lead to the gas chamber.When you begin to control Cait Sith and Barret, make your way to the door in the bottom right of the media room and check the door to the chamber. It won't budge, so talk to Cait Sith and he'll suggest the gas chamber control room.When Scarlet foils your plan, Cait Sith suggests the airport to the right.On the way, you'll find Yuffie if you recruited her earlier.Eventually, you will take control of Tifa while she tries to escape.Press X twice to move her legs twice,then Triangle to make her sit up,then keep pressing both X and Triangle to get the key into your mouth.After the key is in your mouth, use Circle and Triangle at the same time for your left arm, then Circle to unlock your right arm. Shut of the gas by using the switch beside your chair when you are free and WEAPON will begin to wreak havoc.Climb the hole in the wall that WEAPON caused and make your way to the bottom of the Gun.Time it right so you slap Scarlet enough times and you will gain control of the Highwind.Fully explore the highwind and then head to the Icicle Inn,where people will tell you about a Doctor that lives in Mideel.

Finding Cloud

You can find Mideel on the southern most continent surrounded by forest. Tifa will notice a dog in town. confront the dog and then head to the doctor's office in the north of the town. You will find Cloud, but he's in no shape to go anywhere. Tifa will stay with him, so head back to the airship.Cait Sith will say something about Huge Materia and how it plays a role in Shinra's schemes.Form a party and take the Higwind to North Corel, but first, spend some time building levels in the forests outside Mideel where the experience is good.

Return To North Corel

Follow the Train tracks to the Corel reactor.When you find the Shinra train, steal one of your own and catch up.The key is not speed, but rythm. slowly switch between the D-Pad Up and Triangle buttons until you get a rythm, then go faster and faster as you have more of a feel for it.On the first train car you get to after you catch up, you'll fight a Gas Ducter, which shouldn't pose a problem. On the second car, you'll fight two Gas Ducters (remember, they are immune to poison attacks).The third car will have you face a Wolfmeister. his weakness is Water based spells.Use Bolt spells on the Eagle gun on the fourth car.The final battle is a joke. Just some Attack Squad goons.Keep alternating the levers down and up after the series of battles to stop the train.When you reach North Corel, you receive the Huge Materia and the "Ultima" Materia (oohhhh baby.....).

Fort Condor

The next peice of Huge Materia is found at Fort Condor (Beside Junon.There is a giant bird on the world map signifying the fort).Make sure you have a good amount of money.Place your men on the sides, the bottom of the mountain, and at the top near the base. Catapults are an efficient method of quickly dispatching the opposition.Tri-stoners (hehe..stoners) should also be placed near the center and on the sides. Put some defenders near the base. Use Fighters and Attackers on the bottom and Shooters and repairers behind them.After the battle is over, you'll get the "Phoenix" Summon Materia and when you talk to the old man, he'll give you the Huge Materia.

Back to Mideel

Save it before you re-enter Mideel.You also might want to spend some more time leveling up in the forest as there is a fairly tough boss battle inside the town.Go back to the doctor's office and talk to Cloud and Tifa. When you leave, you'll fight The Ultimate WEAPON.This can be a very tricky fight. keep your HP over 2000 for everyone and cast Barrier and MBarrier.Designate one party member (preferably your weakest one) to healing and use Limits whenever possible.When the fight is over,Mideel is completely destroyed.You will now control Tifa inside Cloud's subconcious.Talk to the Cloud at the top, then the left, then the right. After a lot of talking, Cloud will rejoin your party and the search for more Huge Materia will continue.You may want to go back to Mideel and do some shopping, but it's optional.

Return To Junon

Take the highwind back to the Junon harbour town beside Fort Condor.Pay 10 Gil to ride the elevator and follow the main street until you reach the point where Cloud asks if something is "missing"...Follow the soldiers and they will lead you to the Huge Materia.Take the elevator and fight the two soldiers that try to stop you.Go into the main reactor area and follow the main path, killing all the soldiers as you go.Make sure you save it once you get to a save point. the next Boss is difficult. When you get to the dock, you'll find Reno and he won't give up without a fight... well, at least not without getting somebody else to fight for him. The Carry Armour has 24000 HP, and his arms are different targets than the body. His weakness is Bolt.Use Regen, MBarrier, and Haste on your party.If the Carry armour takes one of your characters, kill the arm that is holding your character, or, kill your character then bring him back to life (Unless he was useless and you don't think you need him/her to win the fight).Tifa's weapon, the God's Hand is won after the battle.Grab the leviathin Scales and board the sub.Once inside the sub, you'll engage in yet another mini-game.Use left and right to turn your sub, Up and Down to ascend/descend respectavley, Triangle to speed up,X to slow down, R1 for Sonar, and Square to fire a Torpedo.You don't have to take down all the subs. Just fire heavily at the red sub that has the Huge Materia.When the battle is over,you'll recieve the Sub as a vehicle for the rest of the game. Dock at Junon and head to the airport. You'll get there just in time to see the Huge Materia being taken to Rocket Town. Get in the highwind and follow the plane.

Return To Rocket Town

Equip Cid well and have him join your party before you go in. Make your way past the guards and you'll face Rude and some goons.Use summons until the attack squad are done and then concentrate on Rude.He has high defense against Lightning magic.Enter the Rocket and you will reach a point where you have to crack a code to get the Huge Materia out of a case. The code is Circle, Square, X, X.Go down through the engine room to get to the escape pod.

Bugenhagen's Key

With all the Huge Materia in your possesion, Go to Cosmo Canyon and visit Bugenhagen's lab.You'll find a Bahamut Zero Summon Materia if you examine the Huge Materia that is Blue.Go back to the Ancient City and take the path on the left. You will find out about the White Materia and some kind of key.Go to your sub and submerge.Go south when your underwater until you get to the wrecked Shinra sub. Get the Huge Materia out of there then head to the main underwater passage.keep going north and you will reach a narrow cave.follow it and you will reach the key of the ancients.Go back to the area in the Ancient city where Bugenhagen explained about the key and a cinema will ensue.Go back to the highwind and everything will start to shake. Go to Midgar and wait on the beach for a battle with Diamond WEAPON. This will probably take a while.Once the slow, slow WEAPON gets to the coast, you'll fight it. Cast MBarrier, Haste, and Regen.Knights of the Round will make veeeery easy work of this guy if you have it, but you probably don't yet, so use Ultima and Comet.Keep your HP up and after a while, Diamond WEAPON will continue towards Midgar.The Sister Ray will make quick work of Diamond WEAPON and the barrier on the northern continent.Fly over Midgar and you will land in parachutes.

Return To Midgar

Follow Cait Sith until the ladders. Continue down to the lower level and go right until the floor breaks. climb the pipes and go down the chute.Save it and go up through the tunnels.You will eventually run into Reno, Rude, and Elena.Use Barriers and Regen.The group can be poisoned, so Bio3 might be a good idea. Use Summons and other attacks that will hit the whole group. go back and save it again, then return north and take a left at the first junction. You will soon encounter the Proud Clod. This thing has 60000 HP.Take out the Armour first, making the body more damagable. A Knights of the round spell will take the Proud Clod out quickly, but again, you might not have it yet. Use typical defensive spells like MBarrier and Regen. Limits work well, as do more powerful summons.You will find Hojo at the top of the steps, and he's up to no good.He has three forms. For the first form, concentrate on Hojo with strong physical attacks. He has 11000 HP in this form. The second form is a bit tougher. Deal with the right arm first,then the main body. The third form can be fairly tough. Esuna is often a life saver for this fight as to Hojo's constant negative status effect spells. Use Wall or MBarrier.This form has 30000 HP.

The Northern Crater

At this point, you may want to spend some time building levels, gaining better items/weapons/Lvl.4 Limits and completing some side quests . When you think your'e ready for the final battle with Sephiroth, head to the Northern Crater and land. Get the save crystal in the chest but whatever you do, don't use it until as late as possible.There are NO save points here, but you can make one wherever you want.Follow the downward spiral and make your way down to the point where you meet the rest of the group.The right path is better if you only take one, but you can use this oppurtunity to get some great items and experience if you take both paths.There isn't much to say about the right path. Either path (left or right) will get you to the same place where the party will reconvene.talk to everyone for some items. This is a good place to use the save crystal.Make your way to the bottom, beating the beasts that will try and block your path. When you get to the bottom, you will face the final form of Jenova. Jenova Synthesis has three targets. The body, and two arms. Slash-All works well as well as powerful attacks and summons that effect a group. After the arms have fallen, concentrate on the body, and heal yourself when Jenova's countdown is almost done. This means she is about to use Ultima on your party. prepare yourself adequatley for the final battle. Sephiroth.

Bizzaro Sephiroth

Knights of the round is EXTREMELEY helpful in this battle, and you can find out how to get it (though it is quite a lengthy process) in the side quests section of this guide. Bizzaro Sephiroth has five targets. The head, body, core, and left and right magic.Once the Body(otherwise referred to as the torso) is dead, the rest will perish. The torso will be easier to beat once the Core is killed, but the core is very strong and you have to remove its defenses first. Keep regen and Wall up at all times. Keep Esuna on hand as well. Watch out for the Fallen angel attack that brings the party to 1 HP. Heal with Cure3 and Mega Elixers immediatley after Sephiroth uses this attack.It's a long battle, but keep your HP up and eventually, Bizzaro Sephiroth will fall...... only to give way to Sephiroth's next form.

Angel Sephiroth

Immediatley cast Regen and Wall and keep them going through the entire fight. Again, Knights of the round is great for this fight. Haste also might help. Heal yourself from the last battle, wether they are low on HP or MP. Have everyone possible wear Ribbons to nullify Sephiroth's Pale Horse attack and Keep Esuna on hand. Super Nova isn't horribly powerful, but actually, it's just a pain in the ass to sit through.DeBarrier should be used when Sephiroth tries to protect himself with a Barrier of his own. The #1 priority is to keep your HP up. You can't beat him if your dead, no matter how powerful your'e next attack may be. STAY ALIVE. Heal every other turn if you have to. Limits like Omnislash work well, as do Double Cut, Comet2, Ultima, and any other powerful attack you may have. If you follow this strategy, Sephiroth should soon fall..... giving way for yet another form, but don't worry, it's easier than you could imagine. Just take Omnislash to him and enjoy the ending. Youv'e earned it.


Side Quests

Ultimate Weapons

Every Character in the game that is playable (except Sephiroth) has an Ultimate weapon. These weapons are extremley powerful but Materia can't grow when equipped inside them. The following will explain how to obtain all the Ultimate Weapons.

CLOUD will find his ultimate weapon, the Ultima Weapon when you defeat Ultimate WEAPON, who is found flying above a lake on the third disc.The lake is near Junon. Fly into it with the highwind and battle it. Use Wall, Regen, and any strong summons/spells. It will fly away to either Cosmo Canyon, Midgar, Mideel, or Nibleheim.Keep chasing it, keep fighting it, and eventually, he will fall, giving you the Ultima Weapon and opening the doorway to the Ancient Forest.

BARRET will find his ultimate weapon, the Missing Score on the stairs going up to the Sister ray on your least stop at Midgar before Hojo. Barret must be in your party.

TIFA will find her ultimate weapon, the Premium heart, after obtaining the key to Sector 5.tell the foreman at bone village that you are looking for "Normal Treasure" and look around the top of the village. With the key, go back to wal Market, and the broken Vending Machine will give you the Premium Heart.

AERIS will find her ultimate weapon, the Princess Guard in the IV room in the clock area inside the Temple of the Ancients.

RED XIII will find his ultimate weapon, the Limeted Moon, if you go back to Cosmo Canyon after taking Bugenhagen to the Ancient City and using the key.

CAIT SITH will find his ultimate weapon, the HP Shout, in a locker in the health room while on your second visit to Shinra H.Q.

YUFFIE will find her ultimate weapon, the Conformer, in the Crashed Gelnika after you obtain the submarine.

CID will find his ultimate weapon, the Venus gospel if you keep talking to the man that is always looking at the rocket in rocket town after the rocket has been launched.

VINCENT will find his ultimate weapon, the Death penalty, if you visit Lucrecea's cave with either a Gold Chocobo or a submarine.It is behind a waterfall near Nibleheim.Visit during Disc 2 to learn about Vince's past, then come back on Disc 3 to get his ultimate weapon and level 4 limit break.

Level 4 Limit Breaks

The Characters in the game have a level 4 limit break. These are extremley powerful but they cannot be used unless all of the character's other limits have been learned. The following will explain how to obtain all the Lvl.4 Limits.

CLOUD will find Omnislash if he exchanges 32,000 points in the battle arena in the Gold Saucer.

BARRET will receive the catastrophe if you go back to North Corel after Meteor has been summoned and speak to the lady in the west of the town inside her house.

TIFA will receive Final Heaven if you play this song when you go back to Tifa's house with Tifa in your party (Do-Re-Mi-Ti-La-Do-Re-Mi-So-Fa-Do-Re-Do).

AERIS will get the Great Gospel if you speak to the sleeping man near junon when the last two digits in the number of battles you have been in is the same.You can exchange the Mythrill he gives you for Aeris' Lvl.4 limit at the Weapon Seller's house.

RED XIII will find his level 4 limit, the cosmo memory inside the safe in the Shinra Mansion (check the walkthrough).

YUFFIE can get the All Creation if you beat Godo in the Pagoda.

CID will get the Highwind in the crashed Gelnika after you get the submarine.

VINCENT will get Chaos from Lucrecia's cave (see Vincent's ultimate weapon).

Recruiting Yuffie

Walk around a forested area until you fight Yuffie. beat her and you will go to a screen where everything you do is important. Follow these instructions and you'll be ok.1.) DO NOT use the save point. 2.)to her first question, answer "Not intersted". 3.) To her second question, answer "Petrified....". 4.) To her third question, answer "Wait a second!". 5.) To her fourth question, answer "....That's right". 6.)And finally, to her fifth question, answer "....Let's hurry on".

Lucky 7s

This one isn't too complicated, but it can be hard to come across. If your HP falls to 7777, you'll take off 7777HP with every attack.

Secret Cinema

After getting Cloud back from Mideel, go to the basement of the Shinra Mansion and a cinema will ensue.

Turtle's Paradise

there are 6 flyers hidden around the world for the Turtle's paradise in Wutai. You don't have to take them, just read them. the first is in the little boy's bedroom in the Sector 5 slums. the second is in the back of the lobby in the Shinra H.Q. the third one is in the ghost hotel in the lobby on the wall. The fourth flyer is in cosmo canyon in the Tiger Lily arms shop on the way to Bugenhagen's lab. The fifth is in the inn in Cosmo canyon. the sixth is in Wutai, in yuffies basement on the banner. Go back to the Turtle's paradise after youv'e found all the flyers and you get a Power source, guard source,Mind source, Speed source, Luck source, Magic source, and a megaelixer.

The Crashed Gelnika

the Crashed Gelnika can be found with your sub while underwater. It is west of the underwater reactor. this is a good place to get levels if you stand a chance against the enemies. You can also find the heaven's cloud (a weapon for cloud), and Escort Guard, the Conformer (Yuffie's ultimate weapon), the "Double Cut" Materia, the Spirit Lance (weapon for Cid),the "Hades" Summon Materia, and the Highwind (Cid's Lvl.4 Limit).make sure you save often at the beggining of the crash and heal yourself. also, know when your beat. If you don't think you can make it out of a fight, run, heal, and keep looking for items.

The Ancient Forest

After you breed a Gold Chocobo or defeat ultimate weapon, you can enter the ancient forest. This forest is basically a maze. just remember that you have to use the enviroment and get it to interact with other things. you can pick up frogs and insects. insects can lure out frogs from some hollow trees and close Pitcher flowers. frogs temporarily close Pitcher flowers and the flowers will burst and act as a catapult, allowing you to reach new areas. Throw a beehive in the mutant flytraps to close them so they can't injure you. Use the Stamens (the pink springy flowers) to swing from one area to another. there are lots of items here like the Spring gun clip,Minerva Band, Slash All Materia,Apocalypse, and the "Typhoon" Summon Materia.

Emerald WEAPON

I will tell you this right now. This will be hard. this will be veeeeerrrryyy hard. Don't try this unless you have done everything else and absolutley must complete this game 100% or else you will be dissapointed. First things first, morph an enemy called a Ghost Ship into a guidebook and take the guidebook to the man in the top floor of the far right building in calm. In exchange for the Guidebook, the man will give you a Materia that will eliminate the 20 minute timer for the battle with emerald WEAPON. Make sure you equip this materia.You can find Emerald WEAPON at the bottom of the ocean with a sub. Use Knights of the round, Mime, Level4 limits, and W-Summon. Use W-Summon with Knights of the Round, then have the next two characters mime it (yes, it will be a huge pain in the ass to master Mime so you can have two) and repeat this until Emerald WEAPON falls (yeah right). he has more than 500000 HP, by the way. After you win, first of all, I'd like to say congratulations. Second, take the earth Harp, which you win from the battle and take it to the man in Kalm that gave you the Guidebook. He will give you the Master Summon, command, and magic materia.


Ruby isn't as hard as Emerald, but still difficult. Once you have beaten Ultimate WEAPON, go to the desert in the Gold Saucer area and fly over the large red monster in the sand. You can only hit Ruby's torso when his hands are'nt buried in the sand. Ruby weapon will quickly do away with two of your party members with his quicksand attack. Knights of the round can do a lot of damage, but he will counter with Ultima. The Final Attack-Revive Materia combination is an absolute neccecity. Take the Desert Rose you win to the man in Kalm and you'll get a Gold Chocobo.

Breeding Chocobos

This is perhaps the most time consuming and deepest side-quest in the game, so I'll try and make this as easy as possible with a straight walkthrough.First, you must have the highwind. Next, Go to the chocobo ranch and purchase all the stables you can afford.You should have four or five.You can feed a Chocobo Greens to increase his statistics, but they will eventually max out. Greens can also be used to keep a Chocobo busy when in battle so they don't run away.. You can also race chocobos at the Gold Saucer.

Chocobos also eat nuts when they are breeding. You should only race aftre maxing out your chocobo's stats with greens. The point of racing is to get the chocobo you want. If a chocobo is class A instead of B, you will get better results, with S being the best class.There are four special kinds of chocobos. Green ones can climb mountains, Blue ones can go through shallow water, Black can do both, and Golden chocobos can go ANYWHERE. You can visit the Chocobo Sage on the Northern Continent for some advice.Your first step should be getting a green and blue Chocobo. this can be done by mating a great or good chocobo with a Carob Nut. You can find great chocobos in the Mideel area. Choco Billy will describe a great chocobo by saying "..This is a great chocobo." You can find good chocobos in the Gold Saucer area. Choco Billy will describe a good chocobo by saying "Mmmm...this seems like a good chocobo." Go to the Bone Village and fight in the forest around it until you find a Vlakorados. you can steal a Carob Nut from these guys. Race with your male and female chocobo until they are both class S, then try breeding them with a Carob nut. It's a good idea to save right before you breed, so if you don't get the results you want you can just hit reset.If you get a green chocobo, great, repeat the above process for a blue one. If you get a Blue chocobo, great, do the same thing for a green one. if you get neither, try, try again. Once you have a green and blue chocobo, and one is male and the other is female, you can try for a Black chocobo. race until they are both Class S, then breed the two with a Carob Nut until you get a Black chocobo. the next and final step is getting a gold Chocobo. Find a Wonderful Chocobo near the Icicle Inn. Choco Billy will describe it "This is... a wonderful chocobo..".Race it, along with the Black Chocobo until they are both Class S. Once this is complete, go to the small Island Northeast of the Chocobo Ranch and try to fight some Goblins. Steal a Zeio Nut from the Goblins, then try to breed your wonderful and black chocobos with the Zeio nut. Save first. With any luck, you'll get a gold chocobo. now, It's payoff time. you can go to the Materia caves and get your rewards. the first cave is on the far top-right. Here, you will find the Knights Of The Round Summon Materia (ooohhhh baby...).You can get the Quadra-Magic Materia in the second Materia cave on the northern tip of the northern most island in the southeast. The HP<-->MP Materia can be found in the third Materia cave, On the northern tip of the continent just above North Corel. the fourth and final Materia Cave houses the Mime Materia and is found on a penninsula on the western most continent.Wasn't that fun?

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