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Finding Your Bliss
Empowering You to Create Your Best Possible Life

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Finding Your Bliss offers classes, workshops, discussion groups and mentoring sessions designed to help enlighten and empower people.   

Finding Your Bliss programs focus on encouraging individuals to play an active role in creating the wonderful lives that they are meant to live.

Since Knowledge truly is Power students benefit simply by attending classes.  But the empowerment doesn’t stop there. Students gain skills and tools that can be applied every day.  

Life Coaching  

Coaching sessions are designed to help clients achieve their goals.  Client and coach work together to develop plans to set and achieve the client's personal and professional objectives.  Donna works with clients to help them reclaim their lives and take control of their futures.  

Classes & Workshops

Classes are designed to provide information that students can use immediately.  Exercises, such as meditation and visualization are utilized in conjunction with class material to give the student a broader understanding of the subject matter.

Workshops are intended to provide students with skills as well as information.  In workshops, students learn and practice new skills on themselves and others.






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Empowerment Mentoring    

Donna works with clients, on an individual basis to help them find the best that their lives have to offer.  Proven techniques are used to uncover hidden talents and natural born skills. Then student and mentor work together to determine how to apply the new found talents and skills to create a magical life for the student.

Donna Juzva

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