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 Florida Open Records Unity Movement

FL_FORUM_2001 Mailing List

FL_FORUM_2001 was created as a forum for the discussion of the opening of adoption records in Florida.  It is intended to be used for planning, discussions, debates, and all things directly related to FORUM's effort to open Florida's records.

This list is NOT for posting of any search information.  There are many good search and support lists where this can be done, but this type of post is not appropriate for FL_FORUM_2001.

Since it is imperative for the success of FORUM that all members work as a team toward a common goal, there will be absolutely NO FLAMING on FORUM.  Any differences that you may have with other list members or FORUM officers should be taken to private email.

If you're ready to become a part of the team that is going to open Florida's adoption records in 2001, come join us on our FORUM    Mailing List.

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