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"The special pleasure of this group, which is led by the dancer Julia Lopez, and guitarist Carlos Rubio is its avoidance of the stereotype. The company consists of the usual lineup of dancers and musicians and a singer, but there are several surprises. One of the guitarists is a woman (Juanita Martin)..."

Nancy Goldner
Saturday May 2, 1992

¡ F L A M E N C O   Y   M Á S !

Juanita Martin

L-R Annelisa, Juana and Mariana from Fiesta Flamenca

Juanita Martin made her Irish debut at the Kinsale Arts Festival with Dublin based flamenco company Flamenco y Más in September 2001. During her stay in Dublin she taught workshops at the City Arts Centre, performed at Fraziers, O'Connell Street and at The Shelter at Vicar Street during the Juan Martin performance/master class. She will be working with Ana at Chestnut Hill College's Summer Arts Programme 2002 in Philadelphia.

Juanita began her studies of flamenco guitar with Dominick Zullo in Princeton, NJ and has studied many years with her current teacher, Carlos Rubio in Philadelphia, PA. Her studies have also taken her to Spain several times where she studied with Manolo Sanlucar, Paco Peña, Serranito, Gerardo Nunez and El Entri. She has performed at Meson Don Quijote, Cantina Del Dios and Tapas - restaurants in Philadelphia, PA, Malaga and plays for juergas at MediTerra in New Jersey and numerous other establishments in the Delaware Valley area.

She has worked several years with FLAMENCO OLÉ directed by Julia Lopez and Carlos Rubio accompanying dancers in such halls as: Merriam Theater, MTI, University of Penn., the International House and many colleges and universities. She has been guest guitarist with flamenco dancer Ana O'Malley Castellanos, the Ballet Des Jeunes and Latin Fiesta. Currently, she performs with Fiesta Flamenca dancers, Raices Culturales and Flamenco Olé playing shows and lecture demonstrations. She also accompanies dancers at the Mount Vernon Dance Academy in Philadelphia, PA and Fazils Studio in New York.
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Juana with John Penn and Carlos Rubio from Flamenco Olé

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