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My last message on here talked about how I needed to make some "changes" on here but I didn't know what. Well, I didn't make any changes for like two months until now. I got rid of my pothetic excuse for a guitar site and have replaced it with another pothetic excuse for a guitar site, a BNL tab page. Please check out the BHS Band Site because that is what I'm devoting most of my online attention to and be sure to sign both mine and the band guestbooks!
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I'm not going to be adding any new ones to this section and may even be deleting it soon, so  if you want to see new "symptoms" check out the BHS band site.
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Barenaked Ladies Guitar Tab!
This is my newest addition and though it's still under construction, it's still cool so check it out yo!
My Miscellanous Dance
Good old fashioned computer generated images having a good time! A family favorite!!
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