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Feb 11th
Suddenly, it seems like hosting is going to happen afterall. Thank Jesse at webandvideodesign.com for his help and insight, and for his constant searching for a better deal on hosting. We'll see if soon I can get clapboard.org running with the big dogs. There might be a time for a redesign somewhere here, what with the new site and the new images. We'll see.
You won't believe it.
Feb 8th
I didn't.
No Mindspring DSL. They couldn't guarentee me anything in terms of speed and all they would promise is that after I cancelled my Telocity DSL I would have a month to wait before I got hooked up to a new connection. Maybe less. So Telocity, here I stay. Here with my static IP and my irritating connection speed. Well, my sometimes-irritating connection speed.
VENTURE 4? Could it be? Feb 7th, 01
So I hear this rumor yesterday, and i wanted to put it up so I could look at it in the archives in a month and consider the changes of fate. I hear that Krol is interested in doing VENTURE 4. But it's not only Krol but Adam. Am I psyched about this prospect? Yes, indeed. Is VENTURE 2 finished yet? Not remotely. VENTURE 3 awaits only a few special effects and a little more editing, and we'll be finished.
Some art for your day!
Jan 31, 01
Jan 26, 01
I'm switching providers--Telocity, while replete with polite customer service couldn't deliver the goods at 640/128. Now I'm going to try Earthlink and see what happens. They're not promising anything, but they're giving me potential service of 1.5 Mbps down the pipe. We'll see what happens. I'm also looking to rehost Clapboard. *crosses fingers.*
Small updates in the works
Jan 24, 01

Always tinkering, I thinned out the page significantly, maybe too much. We'll see. There's a new Board and a slightly new look for it, too. My screenplay is coming more slowly than I would like to, but all the text is now in Venture3 and i'm awaiting time with my roommate to sit down and go over the book to put in sound and visual effects. Krol says that book2 will be finished, art-wise, by the end of February--I'm hoping he's right. That would be too much to ask for, really, 2 books in a year.

I've also been thinking about filmmaking in general recently, and about how the dream changes and gets updated with the times. In fall 1998 I thought for sure I could head back to NYC after graduation and get a job on a movie set, no problem. We now know that's not possible. It is, in fact, almost imposible, although I'm giving it a different-intensity go. It is interesting, however, to look into the past and see the different iterations of the dream and relate them to where I am now.

Closer Than Skin - a poem
Jan 16, 01

closer than skin

like a mystery
a breeze
that blows soft
upon my face
you touch me
with the wind's gentleness.

I can never be sure
I only know when you are there
and when you're gone
but I cannot see you moving.

When my eyes open
and I cannot find you
my memory is uncertain
were you there?
did we touch
or did you just touch me?

When you are here
we speak no words
when I can feel you
we are closer than skin.

Jan 12, 01

My sister is coming to visit! Maybe even Kauffman will make it up from his 70+ hours a week of (ahem) work. We'll see.

In other news, if anyone knows anything at all about Authorware, I'd love some help over here. Drinking with the coworkers was fun (terribly 'Corporate America' I know) and probably good for me, too. That about does it over here for today.

Considering the past
Jan 09, 01
A year ago I had just quit a job as a professional portrait photographer, leaving me thinking more than usual about the look of people on film. I learned a good deal about the way I thought of photography, if not a bit about traditional portrait styles and how to make people comfortable in front of my camera. I liked my job. I was good at it. Having found this page today makes me think about that time a year ago when I put this up for the first time. My world was a pretty different place then. So take a look at the pics of me that I snapped during my time as a photographer.
A little bad art
Jan. 08, 01

Taking a cue from my father's meeting passtimes, I doodle a little when Corporate America does its thing on me.

In other news, the first full week of 2001 continues to forecast good things for 2001 the likes of which were scarce in 2000. We'll see.

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