no,no. no,no,no,no. no,no,no,no. no,no. there's no point.

fuck you

hey!...welcome to flipwinky. where the doctor has just transplanted all the doughnuts into his stomach. the bastard. i'll kill his fucking family for this.

hey... ill get around to squirting funnies again soon.

anyway, look up, look down, your pants(galleries) have(are) fallen down(below).

all about little, old, smelly, meme page: just exactly what is me?

bleeding to death man: it's all getting dark.

monkey fit bitchman in a hat: he. is. taking. over.

bunch-o-stuffjunk-a-spunk: stuff and malarkey

big brother is watching shoe: well, i like it...

i hate them, because i know they are better than me.celeb-abuse: celebs in need of pain.

genie moosewrong abba songs: still the best idea...

go on then. piss off.links: big pointy arrows to the funniest of the web

weeeeelll... that's just about it.... but come and talk to me.... im great.