to my Winnie the Pooh page!
Well I have searched the internet high and low, and taken great pleasure in finding new pics of Winnie the Pooh to add to my personal webpage.  Unfortunately, I have not kept track of where I have gotten all of these wonderful pictures from, but thank everyone who has allowed me to save them and put them on here for you
to view.  One of the most recent sites that I was at was
TigerWild's Winnie the Pooh Page and there are a TON of Winnie the Pooh pics and other great stuff.  I suggest checking it out if you are a fan.  Making this webpage has been something I have enjoyed doing in my spare time, for my own pleasure and no one else's.  I am infatuated with Mr. Winnie and if I was a bear, I would be Mrs. Winnie hehehe. 

I am currently attempting to learn how to animate pictures and make banners and such.  I enjoy learning new and wonderful things on here.  If you feel I have a picture on here, or anything else that I shouldn't, please feel free to email me and let me know.   Feel free to save any of the pictures, and if you have any that you think I might like, by all means send me them.  I can't get enough of this adorable bear.  I'm obsessed.  It's a lot cheaper to love and adore Winnie on here, than it is to buy everything I can get my hands on with the little
guy on them.  Consider this my shrine to Winnie... one that hasn't cost me a cent thankfully.