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As of right now, this is a *very* small operation of web-graphics.  ^_^  I am not hoping to do this for a living, or really to make any money at all, just to help out other people, and to aid in the creation of better looking web pages.  ^_^ 
So, yes, this is all
FREE!  Yes, the magic word!  ^_^ 

Anyway . . . ^_^  So far, I haven't done much, and there really isn't all that much here, just some examples, and an offer.  I am offering to make custom graphics for you site.  If for some reason what you are after is beyond my capabilities, and I hope not, but there is always that possibility in life.  ^_^ 
If I can't help you, I *can* show you to a great place that CAN HELP!  Yes!  Visit,
Katarina's Page O' Wenches and Stuff!  Kat can do beautiful graphics, of a far superior nature to mine.  But, she does charge, but only just a little.  And I promise it's worth at least a visit.  ^_^ 

So, before I get into examples and types, here are my stipulations for graphic making:
I will not do any porn or nudity.  No naked anything. Final.  Do not even ask, because I will not be pleasant in my reply. 
If I do make any graphics for you, I ask that you display my logo,           and that you link back to the Violet~Verse.  ^_^ 
It may take me a bit to get your commission finished.  As I said in my illlustration area, I am a busy li'l web cow, and an even busier human being.  (yes, I really *am* human, funny how that works an' all. ^_^ ).  I am a college student, pharmacy technician, animal parent, and trying to attempt to have something sembling a life . . .maybe even including the opposite sex . . . wow . . . ^_~
But I will get them done, never fear!  ^_^ 

What I offer:
I can do custom backgrounds for your site, icons, buttons, banners, dividers, logos, etc.  All in your colors, your font, your style.  ^_^ 
In the examples I have used here, I have marked with a Sample Image icon.  This is because even though I am offering this service out of the goodness of my fuzzy heart ^_~ I do want to know what pages are displaying my work, and make sure that you have linked back to me.  I know that other people may visit your site and simply lift them from there, but I'm just not willing to worry about that.  ^_^

If you would like to see examples of what I can do, or to get the addresses of pages I have worked on,
e-mail me, and I'll get back to you promptly.  ^_^ 
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