Half Around The World In 80 Days
- and Australian Adventures

Pat Foley's Travels To The Southern Hemisphere

Table of Contents

Click below for photos of Aiko who has filled our life with smiles since November 2007

Aiko January February 2008
Aiko's first four and a half weeks
Aiko's First Week
Aiko - rest of 2008 in Australia
Trip to Japan - May / June 2008
Trip to Ireland - August / September 2008
Sydney 2009
Pat and Junko's Wedding - July 2006

Coolbane Foley Family Tree (a Work in Progress)

Pat and Junko in Ireland - May/June 2004

Pat and Junko in NSW Outback to Broken Hill - September 2003

Japan - January 2003

Thailand, England, Ireland, etc. in July/August 2002

England, Ireland, Canada, USA, Mexico in Summer 2001

Road Trip to Snowy Mountains and beyond with Darragh O'Grady - March 2001

See paintings by my brother Maurice

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