J  O  I  N            U  S             O  R            D  I  E            T  R  Y  I  N  G
What do you get when you mix White Trash soaked with Jim Beam & Pabst Blue Ribbon. Throw in some Kustom Fords
add just a touch of piss & vinegar with a pinch
of Black Magic & Voodoo?...You get the


The club is for owners, living or undead, of Kustom Fords and other autos
manufactured under the FoMoCo branding from 1929 to 1969 no exceptions.

-About The Club-
We were formed by the blood, sweat and beers of  El Diab-Low
AKA the

His hard work and single mindedness to keep all other cars except
Fords out of his car club has caused many broken hearts as well
as broken jaws in the past few years

Now in 2001, after many years we have decded to grow from a
half secret societyhalf car club to an upstanding fixture in the
world of Kustoms. By already having many loosely based chapters
all over the world we can easily transition from under
our cloak of darkness.

The chapters in the UK, Canada and Australia who are also willing
to come out of the shadows with us for added world domination.

Are you interested in
joining our ranks or just curious about
doings of the club? Well read on my friend and at least
get on one side of the fence

"Without bad luck none of us would have no luck at all"
"Rock the 13 with the horns and all will be forgiven"