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Fools and Heroes

UK National Fantasy Live Action Roleplaying (LARP/LRP) Society

Fools and Heroes (F&H) is a UK based medieval fantasy Live Action Roleplaying (LRP/LARP) system. This means we dress up in medieval/fantasy costume and run about in the woods pretending to be Heroes or Villains. The campaign world is fairly standard medieval fantasy; if you have played or read Dungeons & Dragons, Tolkein or Warhammer you will be familiar with the basic scenario. There are many Gods, magic, guilds and monsters; these help or plague the adventurers.

A normal adventure day is split into two halves, for one half you will play your player character (PC) and generally take part in a mission to perform a task. During the other half you will play monsters or non-player characters (NPC's) who either interact or attack the player characters. A referee designs the missions and oversees the rules of the game. Combat is done in Live Action with latex (foam & rubber) full size weaponry so you have to physically attack other players!

Fools & Heroes is organised nationally by a group of volunteers referred to as "Central" ; we have a national plot line and an Executive committee which governs the rules of the game. There are roughly 20 branches spread over the UK and players are free to travel in between them. A full branch list is here. An adventure is probably run every weekend somewhere in the country! It is the national aspect which adds greatly to the Fools & Heroes atmosphere. There are many full weekend events run throughout the year with a national Summer Fest on August bank holiday. If you are interested in joining you should contact your nearest branch.

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