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NOW YOU CAN BUY FOOTBREAD KENNY MERCHANDISE.  All money raised will go to support my fight against the "bread mafia"


Footbread is a tradition that goes back to Siberia in the 1800's.  Miners who had their hands frozen in the mines, were put to work in the kitchens kneading bread with their feet for the townsfolk.  As baking technology developed, Footbread was eliminated. Now consumers are forced to eat tasteless mass produced corporate bread.  That bread is full of chemicals and preservatives to keep the bread fresh, but eliminates taste and destroys your body.  And don't get me started on those bread machines!  They are evil products that promote the use of chemicals and ignores the organic and health benefits that bread is supposed to provide.

I have decided to bring back my ancestors tradition of Footbread to the Victoria area.  But instead of using Miners feet, I will be using ATTRACTIVE MODEL'S FEET!  Each loaf of Kenny's Footbread will have a photo and a bio of the model's feet that baked the bread.  Baking is so impersonal these days this is a chance to intimately get to know who made your bread.  And for an extra cost I will include a video showing the model kneading the bread with her feet.  The video will have the entire baking process from  beginning to the end.  This is a revolutionary personalized service that the baking industry has been afraid to try.

At the 2004 Courtnall Classic Celebrity golf tournament in Victoria, I talked to Pamela Anderson about making some footbread for charity and She seemed intrigued with the idea.  I think every red blooded Canadian would love to have some genuine Pamela Anderson footbread.  Keep checking back with us, you never know who's feet may be making your next loaf of bread.


For the last year I have been fighting the Victoria and Canadian government as they are trying to stop me from selling Footbread.  They claim that the bread is unhealthy and this is just a disguise for a foot fetish web site.  Let me tell you that all the models feet are cleaned and inspected before their feet touch the doughWho would you rather have touching your bread - Pamela Anderson's feet (not under contraact ... yet) or some greasy smelly 300 pound man's hands? The government is paid off by the "bread mafia" and trying to stop me from making a living.  We are living in a "DICTATORSHIP" but the "bread mafia" will not stop me.  

Let me repeat this again THIS IS NOT A FOOT FETISH WEB SITE!!! If you are a sicko into that sort of perversion their are lots of web sites for you.  This web site is only for lovers of bread and feet.

I would like to thank the What The? radio show on CFUV 101.9 FM. for the support Craig and his crew have given me.   Although he seems to make fun of me at times, I am able to talk about the website, my upcoming appearances and the benefits of Footbread.  I send press releases to every media outlet in town, CFUV is the only radio station in Victoria to interview me.  The rest of the radio, tv and newspapers are all part of the "Bread Mafia" which want to keep me out of stores because they don't want to lose sponsorship money by exposing the truth. As soon as the legal problems are settled, you will be able to buy footbread right here on this website!!!

Keep checking back with us as Kenny's Footbread will soon be available for sale on this website delivered fresh.