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The Twin 90mm AMTB Gun Battery
at Rockaway Point

Updated: January 4 12, 2005

The Anti-Motor-Torpedo-Boat (AMTB) 90mm gun M1 on mount M3 was developed in 1941 to provide a weapon that was effective against fast torpedo boats, aircraft, and land targets. It could be controlled manually or automatically through a remote control system. A protective shield was installed around the gun and allowed crew access and gun loading through the rear. Many AMTB batteries were installed in American harbors

The AMTB Battery at Rockaway Point, also known as Breezy Point, was not located inside Fort Tilden, but at the tip of the Rockaway peninsula. This gun battery protected the entrance to Jamaica Bay. Battery #20, consisting of two 3-inch guns Model 1902 mounted on barbette carriages Model 1905 was also located in this vicinity.

Aerial photographs from the 1980s show some structures in this area which are believed to be the remains of this battery. These structures may still exist today, and are located along the bay side of the Breezy Point Jetty, west of Beach 222nd Street. An investigative trip to this site to measure and photograph the gun positions and magazines is needed and may be conducted in the Winter of 2000. The paved road ends at Beach 222nd Street and no 4-Wheel-Drive vehicles or persons are permitted in this area. Please check with the Park Rangers at Building 1 in Fort Tilden if you have any questions on this protected natural area.

90mm AMTB Gun Data

Traverse: 360 degrees.
Elevation: -8 to 80 degrees.
Range: 8,000 yards.
Crew: 15 men total, 9 men in the gun squad and 6 men in the ammunition squad.
Foundation: Typically 14' diameter concrete platform, 5' 9" tall, supported by 12 underpinning pilings.

AMTB Gun Batteries at the New York Harbor
(Twin 90mm Guns - 1943 to 1946)

Fort Hancock, Sandy Hook, NJ (AMTB #7)
Fort Hancock, Sandy Hook, NJ (AMTB #8)
Miller Field, Staten Island, NY (AMTB #11)
Swinburne Island, NY (adjacent to Hoffman Island in the Narrows)(AMTB #12)
Norton Point (Western tip of Coney Island, Brooklyn)(AMTB #19)
Rockaway Point, (Breezy Point) NY (AMTB #21)

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