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Fortweese's Sneaker Pics Are Available Via I-Drive and MySpace

Update 9-25-2000

I tried making the MySpace Folder Read password blank, but I see now that this is not working. My apologies, I really thought I had all this fixed. I HAVE ADDED A PASSWORD: "fortweese". It's all lower case and I have tested this several times and made successful downloads. I hope this helps, please let me know! Thanks as always!

Update 9-21-2000

I have pushed all the existing material up to as well as reloaded the material on I-Drive to get rid of the password prompts. I hope this will least for the time being. Both of these storage points require that you sign up for an account in order to access the share, but it's a painless process. If you want to download from I-Drive, the links won't work as long as they are denying anonymous access. Just go to and after you've signed up for an account, you can visit my storage space. Every web page has a corresponding I-Drive page (Fortweese, Fortweese2, Fortweese3....Fortweese11). Please let me know what your experiences are and I'm still open to suggestions about alternative storage locations. Keep in mind that the material is about to be over the 300Meg I need lots of space. Multiple accounts on Geocities is not the answer, I've tried that before only to have them deleted in short order. 

I've also added a little new material on page 11. It's a preview of a new girl, CB. I wasn't happy with the quality of the video this time, so we are going to learn from the mistakes and try again. In the meantime, I've just captured some stills to give you an idea of what's to come. Hope to have a new video that I can make clips out of shortly and a lot more material from her in the future. Enjoy and thanks for your patience!

UPDATE 9-17-2000

Sorry I haven't been able to devote any time to this page in a while. I see that I-Drive is not sharing the files like it used to. I know that is frustrating. So I need some kind of solution. I have received a ton of emails asking for a password, telling me I-Drive turns people away, saying you can download some things but not others. The problems are different from one user to another and I don't know what to do. I HAVE NOT INTENTIONALLY PUT A PASSWORD ON ANY OF THE DOWNLOADS. My pics and videos have always been (and will always be) free of charge and I want them to be easy to get to. So if anybody knows what's going on with I-Drive and can tell me how to fix the problems, then please do. The answer may be that I need to move them somewhere else...but where? If you know of a good free storage site that allows anonymous downloads, or you would like place them in some space you own for others to download, please let me know. I have a good bit of new material, but I can't post anything new until I get these issues resolved. I would greatly appreciate some help from you to get this back up and working. Just email me: Thanks and I promise to get this all fixed and put up some of the new material as soon as I know what to do!



New Digital Videos Added

Video Pages Updated 4-10-2000 (Pages 9 & 10)

I have stored my pics on the I-Drive service as zip files. To access them click on the link to take you to my I-Drive account. There are several different accounts in order to have enough space. Below I list which pics are available on each account. When you get there you will find a "Pics To Download" folder that is shared. In this folder are the zip files of my pics. Simply download the files and unzip them. (You can use winzip to do this; Enjoy the pics and feel free to repost them to other websites or newsgroups as you like. I only ask that you not rename them, do not sell them, and I would appreciate credit for the pics when possible. These pics are simply for other sneaker lovers to spread them around free of charge.

I am using I-Drive because it's the only place I know of to store large files and distribute them easily. If you would like to include my pics on your site, feel free to do so. You can email me at

Currently there are 10 pages in this web site. I'm not great at building webs yet (obviously), so please excuse the low-tech look. And let me know if you find a link or a file that doesn't work. Enjoy!


The following pics are available for download from the FORTWEESE account in I-Drive or MySpace:

Click Here to download files from MySpace.Com (Password = fortweese)

Click Here to go to the FORTWEESE account on I-Drive and download these zip files.

db_AirMax99_egg_out37.jpg (35220 bytes) (200 pics) 7meg file


db_rfs_new14.jpg (30427 bytes) (30 pics) 800kb file

Click Here to download files from MySpace.Com (Password = fortweese)

Click Here to go to the FORTWEESE account on I-Drive and download these zip files.

Link to Page 2 of pic previews