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This is home of Rachel Fox, otherwise known as Rachel's Lounge. Rachel is a transgendered woman from Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom who has been exploring transgendered issues for a number of years. This site, Rachel's Lounge is my little home on the Internet and hopefully will give the visitor a good impression of little me and provide to the transgender resource in general. Rachel Fox, the owner of Rachel's Lounge lives near Oxford in England. Currently, Rachel is only an occasional dresser but would like to go full time when circumstances allow further. My site contains lots of information, mainly about me and the things I like/dislike. I am also working to add information which other people may find useful such as good places to shop if you are to scared to go into High Street places. I also want to add information about my friends (male and female). Unfortunately I don't do this as often as I should so you will find parts of the site still very much 'virgin territory'. Enjoy, love Rachel xxx 1