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Fun with Languages
Have fun with word play or learn about words, phrases, and holidays from around the world ...

Animal Sounds Around the World
English and French cows sound the same, but not in English and French! Explore the sounds of the world's languages through the sounds of the world's animals.

An anagram is a word or phrase made by scrambling the letters in another word or phrase. This site will show you hundreds of English language anagrams of your name or any other words or phrases.

Foreign Languages for Travelers
with this search function, you can learn how to say and write common phrases like 'Good Morning' or 'How are you?' in many languages.

Greetings in Many Languages
listen to Alaskan students say "hello" in their native languages: Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Inupiaq, Russian, Yupik, Tagalog, and Telugu.

Happy Birthdays
all around the world, from Ad günün Mübarek to Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le !

"Hello" in over 500 languages
On this page you can learn how to greet people in more than 540 different languages of the world. Also see pages for:
Good morning,
Good afternoon,
Good evening/night,
How are you?,
What is your name?,
My name is...,
Thank you,
and No.

Holidays on the Net
This site has great descriptions and links for all major holidays celebrated in the U.S.

KIDPROJ Multi-Cultural Calendar
this calendar is organized by month, country, and holiday to help students learn about holidays from around the world.

Pajarita en otros idiomas
learn how to say "Bow-tie" in other languages at this Spanish web site dedicated to the Bow-tie!

The Shoecabbage Page: Fun with words in different languages
A "shoecabbage" is a word in another language with the same sound as a word in English, but different meaning. For example, in French, the word chou (pronouced like the English word "shoe") means "cabbage"! Can you think of your own example?

THANK YOU in many languages

Your name in Heiroglyphs (Nom en hieroglyphes)
this French/English bilingual site will draw your name as it would have been written by Ptolemaic Egyptians!