About Me

June 10, 2004

Konnichiwa!!! Want sum info on me? or my life? well, w/e and lets start!!! I have ten ppl in my family and have LOTS of cousins too. We all basicly get along well and always have fun together. I am a gurl but i wont tell u my age. I have a cousin who is like very gay! well, we call him a sissy and a gay guy cuz he is!! he likes plays Barbie and likes to follow the gurls into the bathroom!!! And he is a sissy too!!! Very spoiled brat too. Well, until next time!! ja na!!!

June 14, 2004

Konnichiwa!!! Well, today is a Monday and so far, very boring. My cousin is over rite now and like my bro is gonna go and take his drivers ed thing. Bet he's gonna fail like last time!!! If he does, I would like laugh forever about it!!!! LOL!! We had a lil party here on Saturday at my house and it was pretty fun. Some of my cousins came. My cousin, Marin, was like bra-less that day so me and my cousin, Sun, kept teasing her about it. It was soooo funnie!!! And also my lil sis, Mai, and my cousin, Marin, and my other cousin, Meme, were like disgraces that day too. And bad examples!!! Very Very bad ppl if u ask me. Opps! Time runnin out!! ja na!!!!

The Site

Konnichiwa again!!!! Hope u guys like my site!!! Have fun lookin around!!! Also, I am very sorri if anything is messed up and I will try to fix it right away!! And this site is VERY under construction!!!! Enjoy!!!


Don't own any of this stuff so please don't sue me!!!!!