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Sarah and I had our first child, a bouncing baby boy
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This is my little place on the web, I understand that it is not much, but hey, everyone is entitled to their space, well, this is mine, I got it fair and square (I think). Well, I choose at this moment not to say anything about myself, and luckily I can, as I am fully protected under the 5th amendment Anyway, What I will do for you now, is a couple of tricks.
Look, I'm juggling!
OK, maybe not, but at least I get to ramble on here, and I've got you as a captured audience.

Alright, I've tortured you enough with my rambling, for putting up with me for the minute or so it took you to read that, I will allow you wander around my site. To ease the navigating, follow those pictures to get around.

Art Click here to see some pictures from our trip to Florida, as well as a few from Yoni Kutner's wedding
Art To see a few of my paintings
A Few Programs Go here if you'd like to see a few programs written by me. Eventually I might even put up something useful, I mean if I actually learn to do something like that!
Family Tree To see my family tree, or at least what I have of it at the moment
Links To see various places I goto sometimes
Safrus? Right here, eventually, I plan on putting up some things about SAFRUS and SOFERS(a Jewish scribe, and his work) as of now I haven't had a chance to put anything up, but I will soon :o)
Built stuff, by me! And here I hope to put up a few of the things that I've built, for two reasons, one to show off a bit, and the second is to offer help for those of you out there that have always wanted to do this sort of thing, but were afraid to.
My Resume This is my resume. Just in case there is anybody out there that is interested in hiring a yeshiva guy with almost a BS in computer science for something in the programming/computer graphics field! Thanks
The Cub Club! And finally, This si the Cub Club homepage, watch it as it will eventually grow, go ahead, I dare you!

Unfortunately, that is all I have for now, actually, you'll be lucky if that much works
But you must remember, this page is a little like life, life is something that you work on your whole life (henceforth the term, life). So, I look at it as though this page will be worked on for close to my life, or at least until I get bored of it (most probably the latter{No! the stairs[Ha, I crack myself up!]}). On top of that, in life you cannot expect everything to go right all of the time, so too here, don't expect everything to work.

Thank you

Oh yeah, I forgot, If you would like to comment on the non-existence of this page feel free. Even if you actually have something constructive for me
Or you just want to comment about life and other stuff,
You can try to reach me here:

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Look how many people actually care about me:
This many web-heads have been here, though, most of the hits are mine, oh well
Touching ain't it?

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