FUNBUS - My 1978 Westy

Welcome to the site, devoted to my Volkswagen Bus (Westfalia camper version)

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Disclaimer: the center image above is not a copyrighted image belonging to Volkswagen of America. It is a retouched, close-up photograph of the hood emblem on my 1997 Jetta, which belonged to me.

**NEWS PAGE - updated April, 2008**

Connecticut Bug-A-Fair 2003 !

2002 Connecticut Bug-A-Fair pics, and my New Beetle!

2002 Litchfield BUG IN

Check out The Funbus at the 2002 Northeast Classic.

Pics from the 2000 Northeast Classic

Family Photo! (most of it, anyway)

Interior shots, and some "before and after" stuff.

Arts Section: freehand drawings of Funbus and my NB


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