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Online Function Grapher | gCalcD

To use this Function Grapher, select Cartesian or Polar Coordinate System.

To graph a function type in its expression and press Draw Graph (or Enter on the keyboard).

To graph two or more functions on the same coordinate plane first press Draw Multiple Graphs.... Quick Start / Syntax

Welcome to the World's Most Advanced 2D Function Grapher

To find the roots of the function press Solve f(x) = 0... Finding Roots

To calculate the first few order derivatives press f'(x), f''(x),... Calculating Derivatives

Also find out how to change the scales, translate the origin and rotate the axes by using your mouse; and how to change the colours.

Two-Variable Function
Grapher :

2 Variable Function Grapher

What is a function?

What is the graph of a function?

What is a coordinate system?


f(x) = 3x^2-4x-2  parabola (Cartesian)

f(x) = 3sin(2x)  4-petal rose (polar)

f(x) = 1/(1-.7cos(x))  ellipse (polar)

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π: Ctrl+P or Alt+P or pi.   : Ctrl+8 or Alt+8 or infinity.
θ: Ctrl+T or Alt+T or theta. You can also use x instead of θ; it will be replaced by θ when you press Draw Graph or Enter on the keyboard.

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