"Tropic" - debut LP from this Psycho-Script artist
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"I got this package and thought "not another one" - but I was wrong, I really was.  It's [the cuts from the sampler, are] jazzy, it's abstract and dreamy sometimes (yes), but this material is beautiful.  I kept wanting to say "D'angelo" when I first started listening, then at second listen - I said "Omar or Bilal, definately". But when it all boiled down - his identity wasnt apart of anything that I've heard, no bandwagon, none of that. I can hear  Jimmy Scott, Chet Baker, Erykah Badu, I can hardly pinpoint what this is, I like that. "Im not going to hurt you" lit up the phone lines the first time I played it, people are responding like crazy to the spins. Hes up there...I'd put him up there with the best jazz/soul artists, indie or major -- I'd even jump the fence and put him alongside Beck, Alana Davis or Tracy Chapman."

W. Wilkins- WEAA 88.9 FM Jazz Radio; MSU
Dawn Martin



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