Soir (Pronounced : Swah)
Irreconcilable Differences
Soir's Journal : Coming Soon

Soir has always come from the school of scientific rhymes, even since I first heard her underground mix-tape work with Savage and Crash Test. She breaks all the guesswork with blatant honesty and simple obviousness (never disrespect). She goes for the jugular and gets out, leaving the listener fulfilled, most MCs are attention freaks, and they gotta force the listener to follow them. Her listener follows with no leash, no chain, I love this. Soir grabs you with intellectual takes on content most MC's don't have the mental capacity or talent to grapple. I can't wait to hear more material than this sampler, Soir is definately ill."

--  Lyle Herman  - CEO Black Topaz industries, Hoboken NJ
and Publisher of
The Underground Record
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