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Since 02.28.02

Welcome to GABRIEL CADE ONLINE! We're very sorry for the lack of updates for the past months... since Survivor Marquesas is over and we are now waiting for Survivor Thailand, this site will depend solely on visitor and fan's contributions. So please keep this site alive! =)


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Most Recent Updates:

Finally, we're back!!! --> Keep This Site Alive (read below) Yeah, Gabriel Cade Online is back... and the biggest news is that... after a long wait... the site is "really" updated! Well, since we live in the middle of nowhere, the only thing that will keep this site updated is through your contributions. So we decided to have this "Keep GCO Alive" campaign. From now on, this site is owned by fans like you! Keep this site alive by giving us all the Gabe happenings, pictures, and any other Gabe related stuffs as soon as you can! Once we got them, we'll post them all here! New Way To Contact Us We have a new co-webmaster, he is Chris! He's Amber's soon-to-be husband (joke). He's in charge now with the infos and pics to put on the site. So, make his work easier by e-mailing him all the Gabe pics and infos that you have. So from now on you can mail him at Be nice to him, okay? =) Gabe like you'd never seen before? Oh my! Is this really Gabriel? It looks like Gabriel is "Ambering" himself by posing sexy in a magazine. We recently found this:

Unfortunately, for those who don't have membership to the site or magazine, this is the only pic we got (such a tease, huh?). If you have pics of Gabe from the above issue, please send them to us! Click here for more details.

Survivor Thailand Survivor Thailand will be shown September 19, 2002! Make sure that you'll catch the first episode!

For more news and updates regarding the progress of the show, visit SurvivorFever.
Survivor Alumni Coming! OH YEAH -- Mark Burnett finally stated that there will be a Survivor Alumni after Survivor 5. It will be composed of all the memorable players from past seasons. We hope that Gabriel is memorable to him! Put Gabe in the alumni Survivor!
By Request: Gabe in Six Feet Under Due to great visitor's request, we put back the vidcaps from Six Feet Under wherein Gabe played the role of the make-out guy. Here's a little idea of what the episode is about:

Life is Too Short
Written by: Christian Taylor | Directed by: Jeremy Podeswa

A tragedy reunites Claire with Gabe (not Gabriel Cade), the "foot guy" who sullied her reputation at school. David and new boyfriend Kurt explore the disco circuit. To improve Nate's sales skills, Brenda suggests they pose as bereaved relatives at several funeral homes in the area. Ruth finds a weekend camping trip with Hiram to be an eye-opening experience. <-- correct if we're wrong.

Click here for the vidcaps and other evidences.

Gabriel's Poem Yes, Gabriel is a poet too! Read the poem that he dedicated to Paschal (Pappy) and was read by Neleh during episode 6 of Survivor: Marquesas.

In the jungle, insects creeping
In the Love Shack, eight friends sleeping
And around them, such a pleasant world
They each did help create.

Fanfiction For those of you who loves to read something unique, well, we are giving you a fanfiction made by a Gabriel fan. It is titled: Legally Blind: Paradise Lost. [read]
Help Us! If you have a picture or know something about Gabriel that is not posted here yet, please share it with us! E-mail us here. We will appreciate your help! Thanks in advance!

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