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Again, it's been a long time since I've updated. But I have been somewhat regular on my Pitas site. Go there for the semi-regular/monthly log/blog/journal updates. I feel I've been decently good during my time at Johns Hopkins. (Of course, to whom am I actually talking? Who actually comes here?! Email me... please? ^_^)

Uploaded is also a picture of me and Janey -- we took this photo when we went to go visit the UC Berkeley campus the day after New Year 2003. You can also access this in the Pictures section. Cheers!
January 16, 2003; ~5:02 PM PST

So... if it's been forever since it's been updated, but I've added a small section for pictures... so far, they only include pictures from work. Enjoy them here!.
June 1, 2002; 11:59 PM PDT

Note: You can access my "current" site located on Pitas. If you so desire, check out
Of course, knowing me, I probably won't update that too often either. But one can still see....
November 11, 2001; 01:15 AM PST

(Last updated: April 24, 2001 - Log)

Good day.

Through strange and bizarre means, you've found your way here to "Six Degrees of Gabe".
Due to either malfunctioning search sites or conniving persons you call friends, you've managed to now become a mere dot in the complex and ever-growing web called "Gabe's network." But I digress...

Welcome. I hope your stay here is an enjoyable one. As you can see, not too much exists here but updates have been coming here and there... like most sites, this site is "always under construction".

In any case, enjoy!

Email me if you so desire.

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