The same paper (5/21/99 CDT) that describes another shooting spree
also reports a mother and her son who wish to eliminate the
acknowledgment of duty to God from the Boy Scout oath. One would think
lawmakers and all citizens would be scrambling to re-enforce duty and
devotion to God after young people who hate or ignore God(except in
cursing Him) commit such atrocities. But as students from Columbine
testified before Congress this week, only God can take the hate out of
one's heart. (By the way, the same paper reported a black man from
Detroit who was murdered by a tire iron. Watch for Congress to require
car-buyers to undergo background checks and waiting periods.)
    To this mother who thinks she is wiser than the Boy Scout's
founders, I would say, "Go start your own group that doesn't mention God;
require patriotism; or encourage moral straightness, physical fitness, or
mental alertness, for ALL these principles just might cramp someone's
lifestyle. Maybe an oath to Hitler, Nietzsche, Darwin, China, or
Milosevic would be appropriate."
    To this lady's son who has similar beliefs, I would add, "Some day
you will likely turn TO God as did Madelyn Murray O'Hair's son Bill after
putting his mother's vulgar, immoral ideology into practice and finding
such a life to be entirely miserable and hopeless. And, yes, Jesus will
make Himself known to you with love, forgiveness, and grace."

Rev. Gabriel J. Morley
May 21, 1999

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