Each of the following letters have been published in the Centre Daily Times,
State College, PA. Rev. Morley is the pastor of the Penns Valley God's
Missionary Church, Penns Valley, PA.

Attention All Baby Hunters
September, 2000
Rabbi Vs. Morley
September, 2000
Lieberman on Abortion
August, 2000
We Have An Opportunity To Restore Whitehouse
July, 2000
"Truth" About Fornication Brings Out Name-Callers
June, 2000
Founders Respected God--Why Not Modern Courts?
May, 2000
Great American Scientist Believed in the "Designer"
April, 2000
Big Bang Theory Makes No Sense In Orderly World
February, 2000
Pro-Life Movement is Having Strong Impact on Nation
January, 2000
TV Promotes Decadence: "We Are What We Watch"
December, 1999
Put Bibles Back In Schools
September, 1999
Scouts Deserve Praise for Standing Up for Rights
August 11, 1999
The Ten Commandments
June 17, 1999
Separation of Church and State
April, 1999
Taking Away God
May, 1999
Professional Sports
February, 1999

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