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Please forgive the mess and non-loading pictures. This site is back under construction as of 10-5-07.

Here is a shot of me back in 1996 with my Old Bike....a 1984 Yamaha Virago 1000.

I have designed this site to showcase all those wonderful things in this world that keep me happy. One of my biggest loves of life is my motorcycle and biking in general. I LOVE to pack the bike up and head out for a long weekend of camping. I was lucky enough to spend 16 days on my bike and ride from Pennsylvania to Sturgis and onward to Yellowstone in 2003! Wow, what an adventure.....5000 miles in 16 days. I started a page to showcase that adventure but it has not gotten very far, unfortunately. Eventually, you'll be able to read it by clicking on this Sturgis Adventure. Below there are also a few other links to pages on my site as well as links to some of my other favorite places on the web.


On the "Motorcycles: Mine, Theirs and Yours!" link there are pictures of my motorcycles, those of my friends and riding buddies and of course.....YOURS. Feel free to email me (see below) and send a photo of you and your bike(s) and some info about yourself and your ride, and I'll add them to the page!

Go to "Camping With Your Motorcycle" where I have compiled a list of the gear I use when I go camping. I LIVE for those weekends when I can get away from the big city (population 3743!) and high-tail it into the mountains and camp. I love the smell of that campfire, the cracking of my steak-on-a-stick specialty dinner, and the sounds of Mother nature lulling me to sleep. During my last 20 years of motorcycle camping in the great outdoors, I have learned a lot of lessons about what to pack and what is a waste of space. The big key is learning how to pack your OWN bike in an efficient way. So check out my list and I hope it helps.

This is one of my own "biker" stories I have written over the years. It is a tale of a young female rider....out on her own, trying to discover who she is and why she rides. Enjoy "The Windrider"

Here is my Photo Album, though please bear with me. I am still in the process of loading new pictures, and Lord knows that I am not a computer person. So this is a trial and error process of self-taught HTML web publishing.

Among my many loves is gardening in my perennial beds. Though my collection of daylillies is minute compared to others I know, I am working on building my collection. I have also started breeding some of what I have in hopes of coming up with a great new petal pattern or color!!!! On my "Daylillies" link there are pictures of my lillies. There are a few there in the directory that I do not own yet but plan to have in the garden this year.

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