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         I'm Gail--born and raised in Pennsylvania. I graduated from Moravian College (Bethlehem, PA) in May 2002 with degrees in English and Music.  I moved from Pennsylvania to Virginia in May 2003, and I got a job working at Salter & Company, an accounting firm in downtown Washington, DC.

     In September 2003, I got engaged to my favorite person in the world, Scott, and we got married July 17, 2004.  Our wedding and reception were incredible--I couldn't have asked for a better day. 
Click here to see my sister's web page, which has tons of pictures from the wedding.
Click here to see Scott's web page,which includes a wedding page.

   I couldn't live without music, friends, laughter, and sun.  Oh yeah, sleep and chocolate too.
If you want to contact me and make fun of my webpage, here's the info:
gailjweber@hotmail.com                    IM: DirtyGailScout